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Artist: Eyedea
Album:  Duluth Is the Truth Mixtape
Song:   Duluth Is the Truth Freestyle 4
Typed by: Steven Medina

Head heavy 
Left on the shoulders 
Dead dead dead dead dead me till I'm over 
I let my breath bleed all over your cold herb 
Shoulder that you try to flip over 
I know words might seem the same
But I can see a light beam that's peaking my brain
I called it this living information in my frame 
But theirs nothing left that I have to paint
You guys give me one second 
Cause I wanna try to catch it 
and I wanna make sure that when its dissected 
I wreck it 
I give it a second 
Fuck it I give it a minute 
Because time and space don't mean shit if the earth is spinning 
Cause that's how we define the lines that we set
between the stars and the universes design
It hurts but I'm fine 
Because this is the type of person I am 
I'm built to climb any mountain and any galaxy
and anything that lives inside of me inside of me 
And here it goes 
The hero knows that he cant save the break brave 
So he grows up to be another dead human being 
Walking around like a zombie 
Not even achieving anything and his dreams bleed right into his brain 
They go into to his life while hes awake 
And I don't know what to do about him 
Cant give him advice 
Cause I don't really have shit to tell anybody about life 
Cause if they looked at me and followed my device 
They'd be stuck in my same crisis 
Grasping on the light 
And there's nothing but darkness inside of the heart compartments 
And so the second you started 
My heart skipped a couple beats 
I don't know how to breathe 
I know what you can achieve 
I know when you wanna leave 
I can read it in your eyes 
No tricks up the sleeves
I can beat it till it dies 
And finally lives in me 
Live inside of me until the day that you die 
Because I know that when you touch the sky, you don't get too high 
Your mine and your this design 
That's inside your genetic code and I cant let it go
Cause I'm still possessed by the flesh 
that I just got stuck inside of 
Inside of my best parts of my head 
and my heart and my death 
and the start of this little spark 
That left me undressed 
And I don't know how to contest
Because there's a part of me that thinks your the worse 
and best part of me thinks your the best 
And yes is a no 
Its the same answer 
Its the pain 
Its climbing the cancer in your brain 
I try to advance 
I try to dance with you to this flame 
But the candle is not lit enough 
So I explain why the light is not holding up to the sun 
Why I'm alright even though I'm overdone
Why I feel like I'm alive even though I'm numb 
While I feel like I'm gonna die 
Even though I'm the one that is meant to be alive
for as long as I can finally be living inside of a song 
I'm living inside a breath 
I'm living inside a death 
I still try to write it till the destiny is dept 
And there's no part that can be part of the whole 
And there's no excuse of getting loose from the noose you hold 
The truth was told back in the days 
and I can still feel it 
Its real to me so I say everything I can 
I still wanna be your friend 
Even though I wanna crawl it up my skin 
I wanna just dig back into the fetus 
And in the fetal position 
I wanna cut off my ears and find a way to finally listen 
I wanna try to write it in this new position 
I wanna provide my light, my mind with new decisions 
I wanna stop in living in the shit that I live in 
I wanna start taking from you while still giving 
I wanna get rid of this old religion
I wanna just break it then gap the bridge 
And move on until I can live for my children 
That I still don't have 
Living for building 
Living for building 
Living for building 
Living for building 
Living for building 
Living for building 
I'm living for building and if I'm not alive 
I probably was killed then