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Artist: Eyedea & Abilities f/ Carnage
Album:  E&A
Song:   Star Destroyer
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{*"Never no super star, I'm more like a planet" - Xzibit*}

Just mail me your titles now and save the public embarrassment
You never even battled how the fuck can you arrogant
No wonder why you're screamin' to the night it seems like no one's listening
Cause you're just one tiny beam of light in this whole solar system
Your creation is a fallacy to rap
Didn't calculate your mass before your galaxy collapsed
Comin' harder for ya some heartless voyager
Star destroyin' soldiers killin' constellations bringin' realness back
Yeah, you motherfuckers can't apologize
On the table to the mic, you choose how you die
I never came across a rapper that I'm scared of
Cause ain't an emcee in this universe I can't tear up
I'm really iller than anybody, buddy I'll bloody your body
Your cruddy thoughts are probably as soft as silly puddy
I'm in a different dimension when rockin' a drum beat
Not even a star's gravitational pull can touch me
And that goes for you and whoever you stand in space with
Man you're wasted, light years behind the standard basics
Face it you ain't shit in this game
End your career the way it started, with a Big Bang

{*"Never no super star, I'm more like a planet" - Xzibit*}

E: "That's that new Star Destroyer cut I was tellin' you about"
C: "Dude dude, this shit is tight, dude, this, hey, this beat is dope. Yo, 
you gonna lemme spit some shit?"
E: "Yeah"
C: "I got some shit that would go with.."
E: "..that one verse? That one I heard of right?"
C: "Yeah right here. It's this one right here."

Yo, cease with the star gazin'
It's the two baddest who bring meteoric numbered crews ravage
Talent, we do have it, but ya'll gaseous whitish blue masses? NO
Only pew bastards who's asses exude gasses
Unstellar your true status
You faggots, get it straight
Dead is the only way you featherweights
May get chances to levitate towards heaven's gates
Stop buggin', how can the sky be the limit?
When orbitting scrotum and jock rubbin'
Crotch tuggin', strokin' and cock huggin'
Over me you got nothin'
Decipher distance and spot rushin
Shot solar hot pluggin
With us you are not fuckin

That's obvious, stay in a state of disarray
While we color the cosmos we create since they could only wish to make

We trooper soldiers, time it takes you bitter Cub Scouts
To figure us out will make the Sun supernova and Big Dipper rust out

Get the fuck out your fanatical state of fantasy
Ain't no accident we saturate your world with tragedy

Outerspace, your doom zoom
Comet's tail choka' yoka broke ya
Metaphysical footprints near your Milky Way tombstone

You've shown nothin but reason for us to destruct your feeble productions
Leader's leavin' to lead his meteors crushed in(?)

Boldly go where no man has gone before
Unkillable horde of syllable lords
Born breach bearing balls bigger than body for bodying of bitch boys
Best ever earth and birth bound to umbilical chords
Told we flow how no clan has flowed and more
Bad bro, intergallactic abomination, comp debasin'
Monster waitin' to stomp ya face in upon confrontation
Fatso with mad flow E&A track slow collabo
Attack mode blackhole, chomp ya statement swallow entire constellation