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Artist: Evidence f/ Planet Asia
Album:  The Weatherman LP
Song:   A Moment in Time
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"Hey, you know, everybody's talkin 'bout the good ol' days, right?
 Everybody, the good ol' days... well, let's talk about the good ol' days" <- Gladys Knight

("You know what!")

As a kid, ma hit me with the truth
Let me know Santa claus was never on my roof
When I lost a tooth, it never went under the pillow (no sir)
I gave it to my parents' right there, they hit me with dough
Later on I was the all star pitcher
7th grade my girl hit me off, the world's different now
(Wow!) Got to wicked curve ball now
Plus confidence, that's three strikes you're out
Junior high had all the chicks, was on top then
Got to high school shit wasn't poppin
Small fish big pond, kinda got lost in
This new matrix started smoking weed often
I missed the whole 9th grade ditchin class
Gettin no ass, tryin to get back to the past
The only thing I did do was make this music
Home Friday nights at the time was confusing
Things changed, I started to notice
the more work I put in, the more people focus
Was like, "Oh SHIT~! This my ticket!"
Enemies before now tryin to kick it
Pulled out my slump, imagine that
Two years I got my swagger back
In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make
Just a matter of time, that's a fact
On my mom's porch, lookin at the stars
Tellin Joey Chavez that's what we are
Here we go, my soul, they'll never owe me
My crew roll, the top, it won't be lonely - NO

[Chorus: cuts and scratches by DJ Babu]
"We worked our whole life for this" <- Prodigy
"But now I appreciate this moment in time" <- Common
"Open up your eeys and realize that time fly by"
"Now that we got that straight, it's time to move on" <- Evidence
"We worked our whole life for this" <- Prodigy
"But now I appreciate this moment in time" <- Common
"The time is now, this is the moment that you're waiting for"
It's time to move on, going for mine
I live for the day, this is my moment of time

[Planet Asia]
'88, Malcolm X books, Public Enemy
Rockin plain gear, same year lost my virginity
Packin gats, we was that active
Middle school, 7th grade pill bottles of crack in my jacket
'89 got on some Q shit, positive full-of-truth shit
Hangin with the 8th grade niggaz that shoot shit
Back then we was stealin cars
Give a damn if we knew you, outside the neighborhood it's free-for-all
9th grade twisted up ,high school better lookin
Known as an MC, and I'm gettin steady pussy
So don't hate the game, hate this player
Since the 6th grade I've been friends with Shake tha Mayor
Met Rasco in 1990, still grimey
Kicked out of school in 10th, but still graduated in 95'n
Remember me, the kid who used to ditch school religiously
Who used to breakdance and Centipede
Twelve years later and I'm still the same
This time I'm even more on top of the game
Here we go, my soul, they'll never own me
My crew roll, the top, it won't be lonely - NO