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Artist: Evidence
Album:  Weather or Not
Song:   By My Side Too
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

My lady losing her hair
I got to sip while sitting in an uncomfortable chair
(Got it) holding her hand right beside me
Then bring the chemo out and hook it to the ivy
The doctor like a dealer way pumping the drugs
Hard to watch shit like this like give a fuck if you thought
Don't give a fuck if you seen it all you ain't seen this
When the mother of your first born son [?]
From the pain, from the poison that they pump in her vain
Tryna circulate the system, tryna say she ain't safe
But she is she's just going through the motions of it
And this a feeling that I can't counterfeit; It's making me sick
I better watch without complain about it
I better make my self a good day he promised that we stay around it
I look my eyes in the sun, I mean my son in the eyes
And ask what the fuck I've done that ever feel so alive

We alive
We alive
We alive

Had my first son Enzo Taylor Perretta at December 15 2015
His mother has trying to breastfeed him
and she found something when she was trying to do that
It turns out she has a stage III c cancer
and he saved her life man he really did
So you a blessing my G
I love you

[Evidence] Can you say daddy?
[Lil Enzo] Daddy
[Evidence] Can you say mommy?
[Lil Enzo] Mommy?
[Evidence] Can you say squirrel?
[Lil Enzo] Quirrel
[Evidence] I love you Enzo