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Artist: Evidence & The Alchemist as The Step Brothers
Album:  Layover EP
Song:   So Fresh
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[The Alchemist]
Everyday I wake up to the sounds of waves crashin
Make moves, it's time to take action
More bread for the basket, no sleep
I do that when I'm in the casket
No patience, I take no breaks, no vacations
I can't wait (yeah); time is money
Shine like California skies that sunny after the rain
When it's all said and done, make sure they remember my name
Level-headed, hop off a G4 jet and get on the train
And jump off a taxi cab and get on the stage
No flash, never do shows for no cash
The cheques come to my government name (that's right)
But Chemistry Man is what I'm known as
(Of course) You already know that; hit up the city 
Hit my man on the jack, like, "Where the smoke at?"
My mind is free, no cage
Center stage when it's time to speak..
Drummer setter, nobody better
I stand next to the man that tells the weather (yeah)
Like Goldie with the red leather, I'm checkin my cheddar

(E-V) Grammy family wildin out, where the media flocks
To me it's a night at home, another pizza box
Another verse of cursing, tryna connect the dots
Just to hop, skip, and to jump from peddling never stops
Turn on my inbox, bills in my mailbox
As long as the beat knocks, I feel no stress
No chance to second guess, a feeling like this (right here)
No day I live twice, Venice still in the west (I like that)
Spend six months out the year, on my hustle and grind
The other half spent plottin the next
Doublin time, ALC collaboration
Congratulations, I'ma bubble and shine
Startin the day with, "Pardon, I'ma part this stage"
I hope you're part at my side, when I drop this way
Eight point eight, shake shit up, it's our nature
LA's unstable, still chasin paper, crazy

{DJ Babu cuts and scratches}
"So fresh" <- Roxanne Shante