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Artist: Evidence f/ The Alchemist, Fashawn
Album:  The Layover EP
Song:   The Far Left
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"We played the part of lovers
You gave all your love and you made it seem right
You made me a man oh so young in my life.."

"Why you don't know who I am?
I-I'll see you, I know exactly where you're at..
That so you don't have to wonder and try to find out who I am
You will SEE who I am, I will TELL you who I am"

"Then who are you?"

[The Alchemist]
I -- AM
The maestro that's composin these DOPE -- JAMS
Got fiends tappin they arms for that DOPE -- SLAM
On the low like the Witness Protection PRO -- GRAM
Cliques to guerillas with killas, let 'em RIDE -- OUT
Park the tank, open the latch and then I CLIMB -- OUT
to the atmosphere so I could really FIND -- OUT
who's schemin when I walk around with the SHINES -- OUT
I seen 'em, pay no attention I make BOSS -- MOVES
Pay kings no attention cause the CASH -- RULES
Kingpin I'm in on anything THAT -- MOVES
It's the Anchorman, I deliver the BAD -- NEWS
At least a couple thousand in my pocket, NO -- LESS
Can't even stop to take a breather cause it's NO -- REST
Where I'm at, my position's what I KNOW -- BEST
From California, but I represent the WHOLE -- WEST

Uh... They like GOD -- DAMN
Who gives a fuck about them BLOCKS, you RAN
How you walk around with choppers like it's I -- RAN
You grew up in the burbs, you are NOT, the MAN
I was in the kitchen, POTS -- PANS
See I'm 'bout action, you PLOT -- PLAN
Pull up to the spot, I STOP, they SCRAM
Got 'em out in Philly like ock's not PLAYIN
High definition like COM -- CAST
Left Coast District, ON -- SMASH
I'm the next addition, just DO the MATH
The only missing link to the movement was FASH'
You can tell by the bass that's, A-L-C
Ask E-V, I'm on my J-O-B
So it's never a drought, fiends don't sweat
Eastside, but I represent the WHOLE -- F
Product of them grizzly city PRO -- JECTS
I get a good sleep when my SOUL -- at REST
CA but I represent the WHOLE -- WEST
Coast to the death, fuck you expect
It's the F

"That so you don't have to wonder and try to find out who I am
You will SEE who I am" "Then who are you?"

I -- AM
Slow Flow that's controllin all these LIVE -- JAMS (Go! Go!)
Use myself once again 'til I'm TRIED -- AND
Proved, but don't lose, he gets VIO -- LENT
A starving student that won't move, I'm like WHY -- NOT?
Go to the place then let him ride out 'til I'm HIGH -- GOT
My name in hall of fame, CA and I'ma RIDE -- OUT
Eyes open 20/20, he's a WHITE -- OWL
No jokin, money first, I'm like a TRI -- BAND
Cell phone on the other side of YOUR -- LAND
I'm programmed, either way I hold my OWN -- CAM
of film, ain't no fuckin stan I bought my OWN -- LAND
Still never ran and never will, COT -- DAMN~!
Never gonna knock me off my THRONE -- PLAN
B is not an option I'm a GROWN -- MAN
Known for movin weight, so I'm PRO -- GRAMS