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Artist: Evidence 
Album:  The Layover EP
Song:   The Cold Weather
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"Keeps everyone's interests in the weather, here it is.."

"This is a cold weather
 So get your cloak and umbrella" <- Lee "Scratch" Perry

[Chorus: Evidence]
(This IS...) the cold weather
Coats and umbrellas...
(This IS...) the cold weather
Cats and dogs, coats and umbrellas...
(Umbrellas up to the sky)

(This IS..) Cats and dogs, those people who call
I hit back before it's twice
As of late, these mics don't reach too far
So I kill each bar, like it's flashing lights (+Flashing.. Lights..+)
Taylor Made Records, my mom name lives on
Cold weather code letters: TMR
It's hard to be stopped, when you got a meaning like this
and got a plot that's meanin to kids
I'm part of the rest (yeah), I watch Rap City, get upset
Kick a hole in my flatscreem, scream  then I jet (Ahhh!)
Then back to the scene of the west, they call me Mister
Don't make tunes for strippers, I'm one of the best


("Hear what I said, sir yeaah..")
Exhale, now it's halftime
("Pick it up, mister~!" <- Toots Hibbert)
("Cats and dogs.." <- Ev)

(This IS...) The word worth a thousand pictures
He got 'em all cause he ain't try to get a thousand bitches
That's how he draw, and feel regret
I try to fill it in but get 
stuck on the painting when I picturing the silhouette
I be the best, I be great
I can waste my words or I can say "Free Tibet"
Or maybe not think so global, but more local
like the Lakers better rip ANYTHING what's in (West LA!)
Witty with the words, they never liked it
Some beat me down, but couldn't get the best of Michael
The next town I came back a new recital
I shoot slugs from my brain just like a rifle (BLOAW~!)
They show love, but that's a part of tour
I play the part, or maybe that's the art of war (yeah..)
...or maybe why I started for 
Started from, either one -- this IS...


{DJ Revolution cuts and scratches along with weather ad-libs 'til end}