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Artist: Evidence
Album:  Cats & Dogs
Song:   To Be Continued...
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("Oh don't worry, it's just a little evidence...")
Roll the red carpet out
("You oughta give him a CRAZY praise!")
Ten Commandments, 24 hours
The 13th floor was missin in the towers
Hmm, I thought I shouldn't be here
but stayed an extra day because they said it's Leap Year
Who's the wolf in sheep's clothing?
Fuck it~! The rabbit hit the drum and kept goin (Still goin...)
Each word is the church and minister
Approach, I coerced the listener, so listen up
Gettin park bench rhythms up, 'til I vision the
flow, I stay at home, sitting visitor
Radio, I visit stations nights
It's kinda like they fuckin visitation rights (right)
This ain't the place for my face in lights
I'm type driven living in a fuckin shadowless life
Uh, I dilate like pay attention
Slow Flow just arose when mentioned
I didn't die lately, I just slept on bed springs
Can't define people, I just see dead things
It ain't just rap, I body ladies in one line
Talkin slick to three chicks on text at one time ("Hey!")
I've seen shattered words, they left broken pieces
Lines undone, half uncompleted
To be continued, dot dot dot
Cliffhanger, my life is like I'm scalin the rocks and it's on
[Chorus: cut and scratched by DJ Revolution]
"Hard rock, hard-hittin, hip-hop hard-CORE~!" <- D.M.C.
("Make some noise, for one of the illest cats
 On the microphone, and the production boards - EVIDEEENCE!")
I spit that oxygen fire, stillt he illest high
I spit that fly for now and feel it when it's live
Move the crowd, got tools for the reddest eyes
Gettin cabbage, my man, until the lettuce dries
I'm fully up to task to pull the woolie over my face
into a mask; location, don't even ask
It's like, "Damn, another day in the life..."
I keep wakin up from the previous night
Vaction, I don't take it often
I see parking lots stages and buses with bunks like coffins
Clear customs with weed in my Levi's
The penalty was death but +Dodge Magnum P.I.+
Waddup people? Happy 4th of July
In my street, every year, they fuckin light up the sky
I get the beat, never hear what they want me to write
From the beach to the block, still bangin at night
Let's GO~!