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Artist: Evidence f/ Aloe Blacc
Album:  Cats & Dogs
Song:   The Liner Notes
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(Why do you have an umbrella?)
Because the weather man said it
You have to have one at all times
because it's going to rain cats and dogs {*echoes*}
Uh... (Uh...oh!)
Welcome back, yeah...
One-liner flow, see it in my liner notes
The kind of ideas make it seem like the thoughts took
three hundred and sixty-five nights, I picture the high life
Pool side, made my own terms from lonely nights
(See 'em with all my dogs out here right now)
Born a {?}, they say old soul with kid's energy
Still draw from my torso for enemies, by any means
I seen what it's worth, a curse, snakes and centipedes
Venomous, seems the only safe place is Venice Beach (Back home right here)
I try to wrong my rights, I try to right my wrongs
I try to write my songs, shine lights but the night is gone
Daybreak becomes the encore
Can't tell the date or state, because I'm on tour
A young kid pumpin De La Soul, I spit live you could +Say No Go+
Sixteen, not a day, no flow (uh-uh) I grew up a nervous skater
Some headed for greatness, others serve as waiters
Some nameless, others was stars
and +Straps+ ain't +Famous+, steel that ain't stainless (crazy)
Hi haters (waddup) peace signs, see you later
Lyin for no reason (Not fuckin with that) quit tryin, it's breezy
Easy target walked up in Florida Gators (step, step)
Origin Lost Angels, support Lakers
Four-fingers discount, this announce my fortress (I'll take that right there)
Portraits of my get-down, live from Belgium stages
L.A. made 'em, L.A. grazed 'em, and L. saved 'em ( day)
It's back to the Beach, bitch where Miss Taylor raised 'em (Love that)
My mama opposite of Sarah Palin, with no gat from Russia
lookin back like "Quit playin!," Ev' is here stayin
[Aloe Blacc] (w/ Alchemist repeating "Ev' is here stayin!")
I won't change nothing
Lord forgive me for all of my siiiins
But I WON'T, change nothing