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Artist: Evidence 
Album:  Cats & Dogs
Song:   Strangers
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If it's one thing I learned that I written down on paper
It's never leave some weed on the table with a stranger
Shit, I can barely even trust my friends
Maybe with my lady, not the trees and the men
I mean really, why even should I even try to test this ocean? (Why bother?)
Catch him in the act and end up havin to approach him
Entertain the story while it's testin all my patients
Why the fuck you think I spent this money on surveillance?
While I'm on the other side of earth with that assistance
Pitchin in the night, saying Evi' goes the distance
At home, the same shit is goin on, I don't miss it
It's a nice place to live, but I wouldn't wanna visit
Never steppin out the car and run the stage without a purpose
Ghost-ride the whip like I'm ghostwritin verses
Afraid to come and go so I take fame in little doses
Director of these photos so the aim remains focuses
(Hold still, right there, hold still..) {*camera clicks*}

[Chorus: DJ Revolution cuts and scratches]
"Some bust through the clouds, the pen push to write across" <- Twiz the Beat Pro

I ain't holier-than-thou or tey to even act superior
Half the shit I write about, I'm speakin from experience
from living at the Beach, about as West as the Earth goes
The people get deceived, seein gangstas dressed in surf clothes
{?} where they birthin those flows to set the world off
On a wet park bench, drinkin OJ and Smirnoff
I seen it through my own three and speak it how I heard it
Never tell it how it wasn't, not only pen, that murder
I been tourin constantly, so there's wear and tear value
that merits all the lows to terrace-highs and travel
Document this madness 'til the day I come unraveled
and retreat to the Matterhorn, baskin in the castle
On some Dennis Leary asshole, fuck-you-pay-me shit
I've come too far to get jacked and you awaited it
So right about now I think it's 'bout that time
That I'ma let Rev' kill while I chill on the rhyme
What the fuck~?!


I ain't speakin on my businesses in public when concernin deals
Steppin on stage like it's light bulbs and turning wheels
In spite a couple nights of a thousand I didn't kill
I still kept it peelin out and steppin up for reppin real
Messages across the board are still remainin pinned-up
The opposite of dilated eyes that I begin with (Dilated)
Nothing is original, even under cloudy days 
Sun is still shinin, just rerouted and out-of-phase
Lately when I walk, I've been tryin to hold my posture straight
Hold my chin up they feel the love from across the way
California love from Diego to across The Bay (C-A)
All across the map to every single solitary state
All across the baggage claim, all across the gate (uh!)
Some callin it freight how I'm carryin weight
Some callin it fate while some others remain torn
Some callin it rain (E), 'cause that's when I brainstorm