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Artist: Evidence f/ Danny Keys  
Album:  Cats & Dogs
Song:   It Wasn't Me
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[Intro: Evidence]
Uh, I'm 'bout to tell you who I are (Who is that?)
I came a long way, and I still got so far to go (Okay)
Tee off with this trademark flow
And after tonight, I'ma let the whole world know
My name is {Evidence}

[Danny Keys]
I didn't commit the criiiiime... ("Of course they was all wrong, why?) 
You ain't got no EVIDENCE        ("Not enough evidence!")

So this is crime scene cinema, all the weed shops closed (Damn!)
Is it back to chargin motherfuckers four for an O?
I don't know, I keep a rotary phone
So I remember all the numbers of my homies who gone (Ah..)
Proof is in the pudding, I'm pressed up and labeled "evidence"
But never chasin fame, dragons, chicks, or dead presidents
Dreams, but never snatch chains of any measurements
Because of my name, for every fuckin crime they find the relevance
Choices in my life that I wanna correct (True)
I got voices in my head that I want to forget (You say somethin?)
Uh... and I don't live with regret (Nope!)
But I've been livin with a chick while other chicks tryna text
It wasn't me~! (You know how that go)

[Chorus: Danny Keys] (Evidence)
I didn't commit the criiiiime... 
You ain't got no 
EVIDENCE - (There's no proof without the..)
EVIDENCE - (What's truth without the..) 

Yeah, my first album only had, underground appearances
So what's the outcome? I'm still an underground lyricist
And fame don't even capture what my interest is
I'm halfway to famous, halfway away from infamous
My naked eyes are like my memory chips
Everything digested comes up when I spit
I say so be it, without a whistle, call it how I see it (Yeah)
Whether in my boundaries or in another region
I be speedin on the highway with my girl shotty
Keep a plant in my car; like Good Friday, keep my world godly
(That's right) ...I stay grounded like my lobby
Taggin Buket on the wall but never tat it on my body 
My music and my graf' are livin separate lives
One gets me paid, the other's payin the price (Fuck it!)
Either way they'll say I'm sprayin at night
But how the FUCK when I'm tourin overseas on a flight?
It wasn't me~!


("'He calls himself Buket', says sherriff's deputies. 
   Leaving trails of evidence for cops to follow")

The flow's connected like I knew people (..yeah)
Director of photography -- I shoot people {*laughs*}
("That's why he can do so many amazing things...")
("They say they found plenty of evidence..")
("Evidence...) - name by
Maybe made a milli, maybe I don't give a damn (True)
I thought of Evident, he mispronounced it Evidence
Fast forward, here we are, standin in the present tense
(Think of that) I never thought about fame
I just thought about if KRS would know my name (Evidence, wassup?)
But since then it's like so much has changed
Body baggin these shows, they say I'm killin the stage
It wasn't me!