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Artist: Eve & Jadakiss
Album:  Bringing Down the House soundtrack
Song:   Let Go (Hit the Dance Floor)
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[Intro - Jadakiss - talking]
A haha, yeah, Evey, Jada
Just Blaze, break it down
Let's Go, uh huh, 
See we gon' "Bring down the House" right now
D-Block style, what up, what up
Double R, Evey, Just Blaze, Jada
They Ain't Ready, who woulda believed
uh huh, yeah

[Eve - talking behind Jadakiss during Intro]
Uh, yeah, c'mon, c'mon
Uh, uh ohhh, uh, yeah, c'mon
uh uh, c'mon, c'mon, uh, yo, yo

Soon as I walk in all eyes on me, ain't got no time for the talkin
It's time to get the party sparkin
Crowd starts to slip for the darlin
Proceed with caution, I'm warnin
Yeah, hand clap I feel it from the back in the spot pack
Let's show the fellas, have Papi stop that
I'm here to unwind, two step wit a thug relax and fall back
No outlet for a plug, c'mon, I'm in the zone daddy
You got to leave, and no don't stop movin 'til the end a the song
Whole club starin at me, how I do it is known
Watchin my niggas gettin wild off a shots of Petron
Uh, know you feelin me, you can't handle the chick
Watchin the bottom, take never puttin your hands on me
It's always one that gotta test you out
Can't even dance without a nigga tryin to stress you out, yeah

[Chorus - Eve] (Jadakiss)
Fella, hit the dance floor don't play shy (uh uh)
Can't leave her alone starin at her all night (uh huh)
That's what you want, says you need her in your life (yeah)
You better pick her up

(Uh, yeah I hear you ma and that's all cool
But I'm a go over here and do me you can go do you
Grown folks don't play games they make moves
So let me hold somethin' huh)

Yeah, I steps in like give me my space (what up)
They wanna know who it is, my hat low can't see my face
And it's just too hard to hate Kiss
For now give me a water then send a guard or waitress
I'm a be in the rear burnin a fat one
Somethin to hold me down, until the yak come
Gotta a 5 sack on the couch they ready
Three piece over there but they kinda heavy
Great chicks waitin on the word
And I got the older ones hatin on the birds
I wanna know, am I am pimp or a zip outta luck
Bishop Don Juan betta get my cup
And they ain't pay me to get on the mic
But if it's goin down then I might just pop shit on the mic
And before I let go please let me get anotha glass of Exo
Ready let's go


Starin as I glide by
Four inches add a extra somethin to it, switch catchin all the side eyes
Saw somethin nice, but I never chase
And don't stop my movements while I cute face 'um
He lookin ok, I'm feelin alright
Crazy we ain't leavin 'til the sunlight
Partyin is worth it baby, only if it's done right
Over for you limited funds dudes that ain't nice
Don't matter where you from shake ya asses
It's on and poppin right now raise ya glasses
Front to the back a the club this shit rude
And you frontin if you up on the wall, c'mon boo
Uh, I'm gettin stalked every step a the way
But my dogs watch heavy while I'm out to play
Fantasizin while my hips move all in your face
Hopin I turn around and pull you close, give you a taste