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Artist: Easy Mo Bee f/ GangStarr
Album:  Now or Never: Odyssey 2000
Song:   Soul
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus: Guru]
Yo, you suckers is playin a role
You niggaz is out of control
This world could swallow you whole
The evil could snatch your soul

Yo nigga put the gun away, or you get done away
If not today there'll be a bullet for you one day
The gunplay used to be the forte
As a youth, bustin shots off the roof for horseplay
But once you get a glimpse of the shots, flyin at you
You think about the possibility of dying and that's true
You won't be stressin the gun my son
You'll be askin the Lord for a chance, just one
Trials and tribulations, critical situations
Read it in revelations, check the configuration
They poison our population no matter your occupation
No matter your congregation, this is a troubled nation

[Chorus] - 2X

I've seen the worst of the worst, I've seen the best of the best
Seems like the weight of the world is ridin on my chest
A universal pain, my soul has absorbed
Don't respect no phonies, don't pay attention to frauds
The Lord only knows the depths of my sorrow
And some don't follow because their brains are hollow
So swallow these words and observe the signs
Yo turbulent times, are distrubin the minds
of the youth, and ghetto life, is the proof
The only skills that's taught, is how to cock and to shoot
Poverty crack guns, hustlers stack ones
Take money is the motto cause we all lack funds

[Chorus] - 2X

Nobody owes you nuttin so you better get yours
My desire flows like sweat, from my open pores
My sores heal, but still the scars remain
A lot of niggaz gonna feel, much more pain
But yo I guess that's life, it don't make things right
Been through a lot of fights, cause ignorance makes me uptight
And cats be thinkin, that us rappers ain't real
And other cats be thinkin street life is all about steel
Some of this may be, but yo, look in my face
Cause can't none of y'all bitches ever stand in my place
Pop the Remi, some for L, Tah, 'Pac and Biggie
Really?  Niggaz wanna stop the jiggy?
Fuck a willie, still you know you gots to dig me
The city, rotten to the core, no pity
The crowds roar, scavengers are out to get me
I wanna live, I'm tryin hard to stay positive

[Chorus] - 2X

[Primo scratches]
"Brother do the math.." ".. stay alive.." ".. it's alright!"