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Artist: Easy Mo Bee
Album:  Now or Never: Odyssey 2000
Song:   Now or Never
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Uhh, yeah, L.G., Easy Mo Bee
Brother to brother, put the Y2K on ya, check it

It's now or never, whatever, to stake my claim
Shake my pain, dodgin all these fakes in the game
Hate is to blame, bakin those with cake in the dame
Easy Mo the same, no competition, out the frame
This is more gold and platinum than them chains n thangs
L.G. and Mo is attackin 'em, the game's in vain
That bitch roll of you smackin 'em was just insane (sucker ass)
You got snitch niggaz that run back, and crush your name
You hustle a lot, just like a rat, from the parkin lot
Bust a shot - you kickin raps?  Naw stop
What you don't want me to gave I already got
Property acres the lab the Ac' plus the queen spot
Once you see me drop this 100, miles and running
Blow me out the spot, not, but quite cunning
You're dumb and, young and restless, I'm makin you wait
I was givin you time to get the last one straight
Most of ya over, while I celebrate, like Sammy Sosa
Toast with Griff the Nation, soul survivor 'til it's over
I'm Hot like 97, the year's ninety-nine
Return like Makaveli but still hard to find
It's a conquest, so hard, but yet they still try
to defeat this black brother comin out of Bed-Stuy
I rebuke you like a devil, my head to the sky
That's cute, but not forever, don't ask why

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
It's now or never - if you down, whatever
If not, stash your frown, pass ground forever
Mo Bee pound for pound, the sound is better
Mo beats in class clowns, no time for ghetto

It's now or never

Hello, hello?
"It's Mo Bee Easy, right now I'm out trickin big dirty."

"Mo Bee, this is Lil' Shawn - give me a call."
Pick up the phone.

"Peace Easy Mo, this Half-A-Mil."

"Yo Mo Bee mayn!" -> Tupac

"Easy Mo Bee, this is Busta Rhymes with the Z's."
Caller, at the tone, please say your name.

"What's the deal Mo is Mack"
What's your latest hit brother?

"Easy Mo Bee, how you doin?  This is Mr. Frank Edwards callin."

"Whattup nigga, this is L.G."
Will you accept charges?  Please say yes

"Hey Mo, what's goin on, this Mark."
"Mo Bee whattup man?  Yo this is Paul - Large Professor word up."

"Tryin to catch you before you leave the crib; I know this is
 probably your family day or day you gon' spend with your daughter.
 But I'm tryin to catch you before that day gets started Mo,
 that's why I'm hittin you this early.  Umm, hold on one second.
 Say 'Peace, Mo Easy.'" - "Peace, peace!" - "Mo Bee" - "Mo Bee!"
"Yeah that's T'Zion, that's my little son, word up Mo."
The calling party has disconnected.

"Yo Mo this Biggie. Yo umm, Puff told me he wanted me to come
 check you today and find out the beef.."
"Yo Mo this Biggie baby, umm. I wanted to know if you was 
 goin to the studio tonight with 'Pac, y'knahmsayin cause I'm
 supposed to do the track with him; so if you was goin I was
 wonderin if you could pick me up, from the crib.  I should 
 be in the house like around 7:30, just call me I'm waitin
 for your phone call, if you goin or not.  Chill."

"Mo Bee, rise and shine!"