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Artist: Estelle
Album:  Shine
Song:   Magnificent
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Don't tell me you love me if it ain't really true
Don't tell me you love me just cause you in the mood
This thing I had for you
It's only for you my baby

I'll give it so swiftly if you start to act a fool
So when you say that you love me do you really understand?
Cause lovin ain't just about touchin and holding hands

It's a spiritual thing that
Really really hard so baby
So don't gimme no lies if you really wanna be my man

My love is so magnificent baby
If you really real come take it
My love is so magnificent baby
If you really, if you really

You ain't gonna be the one to tell me how much I'm worth
Cause I pulled myself out up from under the dirt

You have got to believe me
What I have don't come easy
And if your ready like I'm ready then you gotta put in the work
Now you know I'm the realist chick you've been waiting a while
And I ain't dealin with no Harvard boy cause he makes me smile

Cause you gotta step your game up
This is what I call a wake cause
You can take it to the left because i'll always be the style