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Artist: East Coast Avenger$ (Esoteric, Trademarc, DC)
Album:  Prison Planet
Song:   Win/Win Situation
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

It's all there!
It's all there in those books on the shelf!
Supression breeds violence!
You see that kid? Last week he just wanted to get laid
Now he wants to kill somebody
You should have let him get laid!

I want rage splattered on the front page
I want everybody's focus left hopeless
And their two hands grabbin every paper on the newsstand
And the press'll be impressed with my home-shot clips
Readin letters out a journal as I sit and confess
I'm more like the rest than you realize
More like the ones you idealize
More like a martyr who just couldn't bother barterin
or followin the hollow when I see lies
Three guys, one plan
Kill everybody you can, no discretion
Strays spray each direction hopin for a fresh connection
Opening the flesh of every classmate, love or hate
I'm obsessed with the blast rate, stressed from peer pressure
I measure my success in deaths
I guess I'm more or less a mess, the mass media
will have me lookin like a random animal in tandem with the rest

[Chorus: Esoteric]
You know they say the most silent might be the most likely
to have the most violent psyche (yes)
The most quiet type usually the wired type
The shoot 'em up bang bang dog nighty night (die!)
Killing's cool with me, you will need a eulogy
It's time to take this mass murder to a new degree
A hale of bullets pierce everybody's skin (but what?)
But killin you then killin me, that's a win/win

{*scratched: "I'm down to start a riot in a minute"*}
{*"Buck buck buck! Cause I don't give a motherfuck"*}

And I'm blessed with a grim grin
Killin you and dyin is a win/win
It sinks in, I think when
It must have all closed in at once within a couple months
We were armed and ready now I'm sittingcalm and steady
So deadly already it's like I never miss
Kill with no prejudice, no known nemesis
Like I didn't exist when everybody sat around and reminisced
I barely ever made the list
I was quietlike, not the riot-type amiss
My wrists crack from the kickback, a double fist
of knickknacks but now I sit back, think of my friends
Think of my family, think of the end
Think the message I send will blend well with the war on terror
In the weather, ten o'clock news is the ten o'clock blues
I laughed and the blackness consumes my views
And move on through the darkest hues


[Outro - samples James Nichols from "Bowling For Columbine"]
Cause certain people, said
I'm a radical, I'm a wild man
I got a gun under every arm
Down every leg and every shoe
Every corner of the house
If you say anything to me I'll shoot you! Ha ha
If people find out how they've been ripped off
and, and and enslaved by the powers that be
They will revolt with, anger~! Merciless anger
There'll be blood running in the streets