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Artist: Essman f/ Killa Will
Album:  Esspionage Vol. 1
Song:   Killa Will - Freestyle
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Kill-at-Will, welcome home boy

[Killa Will]
I work a bitch like a Hebrew
I'm tryin to ball like Ivo, but I don't fight over hoes like he do
I fight over dough and O's and diesel
Get found face down full of holes that's lethal
You people wouldn't blast a burner
Them niggaz is softer, than a wet White Castle burger
If you talkin 'bout gats it's murder, you get put in a coffin
Bullet sweat like half your shirt up
I show you niggaz how to dumb out
Smack you with the gat
Make you pull your tongue out, and put the blunt out
Stunt out on hoes, foes and haters
Killa known for gettin dough, b-bos and gators
Catch you later on that payroll (what?)
Shit I'm tryin to get mills
Rims and wheels, lookin like a stagecoach
Catch me cookin like I made dough
I get scrill for real, while y'all lookin like a staple