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Artist: Esoteric f/ Main Flow
Album:  Too Much Posse
Song:   Street Pay
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Main Flow]
It's gon' be on
I'ma splash y'all with this
It's Main Flow, 7L & Esoteric
Whattup Poppa Diesel

Watch my style bling, stay low it's a wild thing
Be on your back like Shaq or Yao Ming
A foul sting, run course like a trial king
For now swing now I know what a thou' bring
Handshakes to Jakes for consecutive fakes
The respect it takes, and don't forget to check for the snakes
You can wreck if it brakes you might need a tec for the stakes
You got the 'jects, the ex, the Mex and the cake
For the street pay, I'm here to jacks where the heat spray
In fact, I'm there to cracks where the feet lay
I gotta eat way with crooks and the chiste
Come take a seat prayin right while the beat play
A spot trail, that's got you waitin on your guy bail
It's like skatin on a high rail
It's like hatin on the lie well
Fly spell contemplatin mail on the SkyTel

[Chorus: Main Flow]
For the street pay - I rap for the fools with dice
For the street pay - I rap for the school's advice
For the street pay - I rap for the wives and kids
For the street pay - I rap for the lives and bids
For the street pay - I rap for the stars and thugs
For the street pay - I rap for the cars and drugs
For the street pay - I rap for the people that's down
But at times it's hard to rap with all this evil around

Yo, the flow so mean, I'm tryin to keep my nose clean
Like a coke fiend, I blow off steam
When I bully cats, fully strapped without pullin gats
I got you scratchin your doem like wooly hats
For the street pay... I take it right away
I got the right of way, weaponry or watery
I'm like night or day, rain or shine
There's two sides to Seay's, tyrannical state of mind
You play the pine like a Boy Scout
Before you "Speaking Real Words" 'til them cats pull them toys out
That's a transaction to void out
You don't really pump weight kid you 'roid out
Now there's bad blood for the transfusion
What I'm usin, will blow you out your Van Heusen
Main Flow and L, E-S flowin well
These streets pack heat, it ain't show and tell