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Artist: Esoteric f/ Vinnie Paz
Album:  Too Much Posse
Song:   Chain Reaction (Apathy Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Flavor Flav]

[Vinnie Paz]
Yo, this fuckin Vinnie Paz baby
Esoteric baby, 7L baby
We takin y'all muh'fuckers to war, teachin y'all how to rhyme
Aight? So feel me
Before I stuff a fuckin sock in your mouth and stick you in my trunk
What? Check it out, it's like this
Yo, yo

It's Vinnie Paz, let me tell you how I handle my beef
Hand you your teeth, watch how I slam to a beat
And you weak muh'fuckers better stand at my feet
'Fore I beat muh'fuckers when I handle my heat
So consider this verse here, a motherfuckin bomb threat
Cause I ain't even let out, all of my dawgs yet
And I ain't even pulled out my four-fours yet
And I ain't even let out all of the Godz yet
That's why your palms wet, you fake bitch
I'm strong like Iron Mike Tyson, eight-six
You blaze this, you get slashed with fast razors
Fuckin with Paz means you dead and that's basic
Slash faces, then rob your Parasuco
I'm crazy big with no skill like Manute Bol
Vinnie Paz bring physical rain
And the only thing y'all feel is physical pain, what?

We steady blastin, the city gon' crash in
Run like a cheetah with thoughts of an assassin
Seen a wack rapper, and start smashin
"Now that's what the fuck I call a chain reaction"

I'm like Bill Gates motherfucker
You're like Gilbert Grape's younger brother, my rap style's undiscovered
Game's wild like the frame on a Lincoln Navigator
Savage like an aborigine who wrestle alligators
You know the deal, crab rappers peel
I give you shit that they can feel, my style's like steel
You can stop tanks with it, rob banks with it
Play pranks, walk planks, rock shanks with it
It's wild when I challenge you cats you ain't with it
When asked where the battle is at, you can't spit it
Rappers try to play Sea', that'll be the day Sea'
pulls a 45 and it ain't to spin reggae
Today's payday; we out to dumb and shit
Rip you out the whip, throw your body out the front of it
Put you in check, put my foot to your neck
You're lookin up to Esoteric and I come to collect, what?

[Flavor Flav]