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Artist: Esoteric f/ Mic Stylz
Album:  Too Much Posse
Song:   Bringing it Back (Esoteric Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Mic Stylz]
We bringin it back to shells and toes
Back when rappers had no choice but to self-promote
Back to that classic age, where the media
really only recognized rap as a phase
And nowadays you can't even imagine
Cause every part of pop culture's hopped on the bandwagon
And I ain't braggin when I say I was ahead of the curve
Cause when I started hardly anybody rhymed in the burbs
It's hard to find the words of how disturbin it is
To hear suburban kids talkin 'bout murderin shit
They hop online and log into some hip-hop site
Post some battles now they think they know what hip-hop's like
They talkin 'bout ice when they ain't even own a diamond
And swearin to life they 'bout to be known from rhymin
Me and Eso been climbin, foot to the dirt, puttin in work
It's like birth, you gotta push 'til it hurt

I spit it from the soul, it's no thing to flow king
Bringin it back that ol' Beantown rap
The whole thing is so close, peep the photos
Three-fingered rings with Adidas logos
Old school, say no to ProTools
Unless the throat lose a flow that's so smooth
These folks have no clue how to keep it afloat
Well I rode the boat, provin that I mean what I wrote
Hypocritical how pitiful these imbeciles
They claimin political when they spit but they don't even vote
Before every verse vocals focused on coke folks
For showin me the ropes like fiends hopin for dope
I've been doin this since LL made my "Radio"
You've been doin this since Macy's carried Kangols
Y'all know, today they play brave beats at the Gap
But we ain't concerned with that cause we bringin it back