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Artist: 7L and Esoteric f/ Virtuoso
Album:  Speaking Real Words (EP)
Song:   Headswell
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I assault the mic and rock it stompin out the microscopic 
Esoteric's like anthropic psychotics, semi-robotic
When I drop it, I launch a pencil through your central ventricle
Tear those tenticles, makin you a mental vegetable 
Acumenical, malpractice evil demi-Gods attack the baptist
Severin their prefix
My molecular, structure, raises the temperature
All praise the emperor, tarantula, nebular inhabitant
Esoteric's landed past extravagant
Established in between Giza's stone age and the Vatican
The Paladin, battlin crabs stabbin their abdomen 
Travellin through densities Devils witness the acumen 

Delay the ossification of vertebrae like hypocondro-genesis
Melt his pelvis to the shape of a shellfish
Hypophosphohic-hessially balanced
Lethal short limb, dwarfism, draining crimson plasma
from cadavers through a catheter my methods baffle the
medical profession by assessin bone density
without the use dual photon absorption geometry
My camraderie of biologically engineered MC's break you like pottery

[E] Dichotomy you're God awful
[V] in Virtuoso's arteries
[E] The re-attached half
[V] and have to rap symbiotically
[E] Psyionically communicating
[V] We're the first humans dating
[E] back to the second
[V] when the sun was first illuminating

{"Makin heads swell 'til your eyes start to dilate;
  Here sucker you better not violate!" -> scratched 5X*}
{"Step to me, I'm knockin you senseless"}

The Elder God'll strike troglodyte, 
God Awful Rocks the mic and stomps the likes of softer types
In archetypes of carbonite
Smuggled on a charter flight, contented with the ministry
Mastered on epiphany for Babylon ventriloquy
Rap assassin, master craftman, Sebastian
Blowin rappers up in tract compaction
My faction, calls upon the Esoteradactyl
Call me that, once you get your rap geared up for battle 
I travel, to Camelot, apply a hammer lock on Lancelot
Mandelbrot sets, we spot the process
The Loch Ness, monster, track taxidermist
I pack my furnace with a wack rapper's epidermis
Esoteric's dialogue's outlawed by demagogues
The analog exposin the God's fraud
Your squad, I violate their primate mindstates
like fire drakes, breathing fire to annihilate
and violate, your complex Lexicon
I bring your death upon encephalons and teflon we place you on

A medieval torture rack to contort your raps
To speak your mental thought will get you caught and hung from rafters
by your ligaments, suspended with your forehead dented
Tormented, claim you represented get your frame demented
Bloom like habiscus, consume the wind resistance like a discus
Lobotomize platoons I sodomize them with their biscuits
My syringes injure skull cavities
Savagely removin human brains by pullin gravity
to strange locations, I rearrange the Earth's rotation
Placin, theories of Copernicus in furnaces
Murderous rhymes find applied minds like shackles
Explosively my shrapnel makes your skin holy like chapels
Fracture faggots to fractals grow frail
I inhale through blowholes like a whale
You rob and steal I guard it like a grail
Impale plate mail, with eight nails
Make a nickel cadium to whip craniums like geraniums