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Artist: 7L & Esoteric
Album:  Moment of Rarities
Song:   Boxcutter Rap
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"Sometimes the urge to do bad, is nearly overpowering."

7L on the keys
{*"When I start flowing the mic might bust..."*}

Yo it's murder in the verse, execution in the chorus
You thug it out? Cut it out, your writing steez is a tease
Tellin G's that you catchin felonies sellin ki's
With your celly in your Pelle Pelle sleeve
I don't believe you run guns in Tel Aviv
Man PLEASE, you crazy, Fugazi
You be gettin shook like a misbehavin baby
Here the ground assault, now face an air attack
To blow you out your Avirex chaps and Air Max
I spit "bear" facts like a Kodiak
Put in work you got no discipline at all
Unless you call sittin in the center of the mall
sellin cell phones a dream fulfilled, you better build
Fuckin with the guild, you get drilled
I like bones chilled when I feet, I film your defeat
So you family can watch you get killed in the street
The only one sayin that you skilled and unique
is the priest at your eulogy, startin to weep
I sound ill to a beat, I'm workin with God
While you riffin through the newspaper, circlin jobs
The way I operate make surgeons applaud
I'll murder your squad, you know I'm herbin you dog..

Uhh, sit down and grab a seat, cats compete
Master of the Cabot Street raps in heat
Let me find out - you funny style
Let me find out - murder in the verse

My cathartic art'll blow your heart apart
Verbally the spark leavin a mark, grieve in the dark
Like a ninja, screamin bloody murders quit attackin you
I'll hack your back in two, crackin you and leave you black and blue
Fuck the label backin you, every rap fan knows
that a trash can is the only way to package you
Find you with a twelve gauge on Pennsylvania Avenue
My mental state'll test your mental to the nation's capital
My future, Albright like Madeline Kay
Battlin Sea, I'm like a snake cause I rattle then spray
The anaconda, the Mart is where I happen to stay
Laughin at my prey as they start to paddle away (AHH!)
Catch me at a candy store with Mandy Moore
Cause sex on the beach give me sandy drawers
You amateurs, need to understand your chores
Hammer floors 'fore you talk about your Hammer of Thor
I'm a Man of War, keep it gully like Crane's Beach
Insane speech leave you bedridden like stained sheets.. {*fades*}