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Artist: 7L & Esoteric f/ Jawn P, Raydar Ellis
Album:  Egoclapper
Song:   Boston Garden Rap
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[Raydar Ellis]
Now every time I start a verse I break at least 3 commandments
Kind of like Pluto because I never planet, I'm outlandish
In the way that make Apaches look like the own ranches
It's the art of war your blood's the only color on the canvas

And I don't mean it like the thugs into how you can get got
Fuck being gangster I'm hip hop you got it
Every time you walk in the label the A&R's hypnotic (?) 
Immune to your shit because I circle-circle dot-dot it

Body heat is a toxic leak got a beat I don't gotta speak
Cop a seat start to think psychically make the speakers peak deliriously
Off their high horse make an ass of their views
Your DJ must not know the alphabet forgetting his cues

My favorite DJ got those and 6 extra L's to abuse
Esoteric, Jawn P and I'm the new kid in school
I'm Raydar Ellis nice to meet you show busting my styles
Egocentric, egotripping with frequent flashed smiles

You want to set it on us? We got gold medals on us
We rep the veterans like Dan & them, you read up on us
We better than we ever been, you place your bet upon us
We medicine to many men, your men are dead & goners

Rep is strong is in the hood so every song is understood
And any other one that could Eso clap like ? should
The answer's yes to read my poetry, my specialty
A legacy authentic we mentally did in enemies

Tremendous through the recipes fresh death is the penalty
And generally I tend to be best known as ?
I'm ready as I'll ever be politically I'm to the left of Teddy Kennedy 
That's how I want you to remember me

Fuck around and lose your title, round is suicidal 
You frontin' hard with no bars like unicycles
You don't wanna face me crab, I'll cut your head off like Jay Z's HP ads

[Jawn P]
Yo into the terror fields I'm hear to prove my era's real
No better deal you cross the line you feel embedded steel
I grip the microphone and wield like a battle axe
I got the shovel and the lye inside the Cadillacs

It's like a mad attack when I begin to strategize 
I'll terrorize your entourage with simple battle cries
I battle eyes and noses I'll shatter guys in poses
The public's waiting on my word like I'm the voice of Moses

I'm the choice of most kids they know my reputation
The talk of my retirement was pure speculation
I tour across the nation reppin' my area
I'm from the Bos so I've been causing Mass hysteria

You sound inferior I'm not in fear of ya
Forget about me cause pun is taking care of ya
It's Esoteric, Jawn P, Raydar Ellis yo
We running shit like we're the fucking goodfellas