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Artist: 7L & Esoteric
Album:  DC2: Bars of Death
Song:   Another Way Out
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[I just wanna talk to you, I aint gonna take up too much of your time
Cuz I'ma say this one time, I'm gonna say it]

My whole country wanna fight in the war
But I'm more like Micheal Moore writin the story, I
Need a deal that'll run the house, I
Jog my memory and run my mouth
Sold all my wax to DJ'in fiends
Sold on my low, to BK and Queens
I'm in the beemer at Franklin too
Where cats don't think twice about shankin you
And uh, the words I rap, put ya nerves in check
500 percocets per cassette
It's a new day and time
But when y'all rhyme
You're like a ?? the line way behind
I push shit towards 2009
I use invisible ink, you can browse through my mind
You need bed rest
ES, got so many feathers in my cap, this shits a headdress

I'ma show you what a DJ and a rapper should be
You planning on rockin something fierce?
Oh am I. 
Look out because you just found the one
J-j-j-jump on the jock
Ya mean? All day, all night
Yo, what you need to do is go ahead make you a whole album
Make you some songs, you know what I mean?

And that still stands, in 2004
Get at me if you want it
I'm in the lab putting two ?? on it
Don't get it wrinkled like denim
I still mingle with women
Single and sinning, a new beginning
I remember looking at my first single and grinning
That was '96, I worked 9 to 6
Monday through Friday, but my mind was fixed
On this hip hop shit
The avenge of the toxic
Went to the spring, I be doing my thing
365 stayin' fly all the way to July
I unify and after August hits em' they gonna fall victim to being a Fall victim
The verbal assault hits em' 
And splits em up like a dutch
Picks em up like crutch
Switch em up like a clutch
My vision is like the crux of the matter
You clean up batter
7L cut the bladder
[You planning on rockin something fierce? X3]
Oh am I

[Ou-ou-outta here]