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Artist: Esham
Album:  Repentance
Song:   No War
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You wanna party at the club? (It's a war going on out there)
You wanna roll around on dubs? (Smell the anthrax in the air)
You wanna hate it all, no love? (Full-fueled flight on US Air)
Just wait and watch out for the scuds (Nine-eleven, I was there)
Hut, two, three, four! - No War!
Hut, two, three, four! - No War!
Hut, two, three, four! - No War!
Hut, two, three, four! - No War!

This boy is not a soldier, somebody should'a told ya
I'm striking like a cobra, the rap game now is over
I shot up homeboy's Rover, with fifty shots to fold you
You screamin for Jehovah, you wish your momma hold you
Just wanna be a roller, money like Tommy Matola
From slanging yoca cola, started off by moving boulders
The world is getting colder, shake them haters off my shoulders
I say I'm 730, they tell me I'm bi-polar
You go tell Uncle Sam "No war in Afghanistan"
Or Iraq, or Iran, many people dying man
Shots go off in Bethleham even in Jerusalem
Christians killing Mus-a-lims
Tell me what you doing man?


We caught up in the struggle, sit back watch the water bubble
Lock us up for drugs you smuggle, Detroit hustlers paying double
Now the whole country's in trouble, gas prices sky high
People scared to fly on planes; why Aaliyah have to die?
Terrorized, civilized, people livin evil lives
You can see it in their eyes, fire falling from the skies
Nowhere to run and hide, everybody's gonna die
You can duct tape all your windows but the smell is still inside


We were up there eight months
We were living in the desert drinking hot-ass water
one hundred and forty degree weather
wondering whether we were going to live or die, day to day, man
It was real stressful over there
So, anyway, I had this boy, right?
His name was Rennisson
Basicly what happened with him is:
he got out of the army before the Gulf War kicked off
and uhh.. you know everybody thought he was safe, but he joined the reserves
Next thing we know, we hear he's right over there with us but in another unit
So, you know, we're like
"Aw hell yeah, Rennisson's here too, man. I hope he's alright."
Next thing we know BAM! He's fucking dead, man
The scud missiles came and took him and his boys out
Next thing you know, we're all trippin like "Oh shit!"
That's when it struck us, man
This shit is for real
We can die at any time, man