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Artist: Esham f/ TNT (Natas)
Album:  Repentance
Song:   Brick
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[Intro *Chopped*]
I will hit you wit a brick
Well, baby, hit me...c'mon, man, hit me wit a brick chump
Hit me, monkey, hit me wit a brick
Well, baby, hit me..well, baby, hit me
Well, baby, hit me..c'mon, man hit me wit a brick
C'mon, man, hit me wit a brick, chump

[Chorus *Chopped*]
Hit me wit a brick then
Hit me wit a brick then
Hit me..Hit me..Hit me wit a brick then
Well, baby hit me..well baby hit me
Well, baby hit me..c'mon, man, hit me wit a brick

Big Quick hit me with a brick, lickety split
The quicker he flip, the quicker the whip, the turbochip
24 inch dipped, glock on the hip
In the kitchen with the magican, watchin him mix
I don't give a fuck, somebody pull up in a cement truck
And get some bricks on my lawn, like you diggin it up
It's been a droute, no doubt, trying to find a new paper route
Brick-layin like a mason out there, what you about?
Grinder, baller, hustler, servin customers
Money get a hoe-hitter, have him lovin us
From elbows got bank rolls
And all the freshest clothes and all the coke-head stank hoes

[Chorus] - 2X

I was born in a dope spot, holdin rocks
Foldin knots, baking soda, bubble hot
Water and pots, learnin watch for the cops
Twenty off every hundred, 500 is tops
But my story's untold, cause it's so out cold
Did all of this shit when I was very young
Learned to pack a gun in my early days
And the only thing on my mind was getting paid
24/7, sittin in a spot with a mac eleven
Sniff, blow your brains out real quickly
The old people say you can go to jail for that
I got a scale for that, plus a sale for that

[Chorus] - 2X

Hit me with a brick of that flakey shit
That jump back quick from one-two-five to one-five-six
I'm helluva on the mix
The fiends need a fix, don't talk no shit
Just hit me with a brick, that's if your holding
Fig figure folding, I'm rollin like Nolan
Boomin' like Newman in the fast lane zoomin
I need a new plug cause mine just blew, man