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Artist: Esham
Album:  Repentance
Song:   Back in Da Day
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Uh, yo..
A thug changes, and love changes
And best friends become strangers
A thug changes, and love changes
Yo, uh..

[Verse 1]
Can it be, that I stayed away for too long?
Did I leave your mind when I was gone?
Baby ain't no need to pretend I ain't actin' live
I'm like a young ass Michael from the Jackson Five
HEE HEE! But you don't feel me
The industry for years been tryin' to kill me
Me, and my niggaz stay in the cracks like roaches
Always runnin' from the raids when the cops approach us
Man my style is just too ferocious
Been spittin' potent dope for years, that's why I overdoses
Now I'm gonna tell you how it all began
Before Eminem, before all of them
I'ma tell you how they tried to play me
How my city betrayed me, made me fuckin' go crazy
Made me carry the AK in the back with my bay-bays

This world's so cold, I'ma let you know
You can't get away with tryin' to steal my flow

[Verse 2]
In '88, I set up shop before Detroit had shock
Kid Rock never rode a bike down my block
Remember Homie The Clown?
And that's about the time ICP put it down
Detroit's most wanted, K-Ice and Maistro and Smiley
I was at the Disk, spendin' bank with Gregg Riley
Even though we was movin' units every day
Still gots no love or radio play
Maybe because I won't pay payola
Known in the streets for movin' yoca cola
Me and my brother, tryin' to get up out the ghetto
Take care of my mother, cause I love her
It was no Hip-Hop Shops or freestyle battles
Only a city full of snakes that rattle
Remember, sugar is sugar and salt is salt
If they didn't sell records, it's not my fault
I used to watch the scene with Natt Morris
I dedicate this to Detroit, now I'ma sing the chorus

So high, you can't get over it
So high, you can't get over it
So low, that's why I'm holding it
So low, that's why I'm holding it

[Verse 3]
Boss up, a real soldier learn to take orders
So his game is still pulled through in the fourth quarter
I know you can't believe that you've all been decieved
It's like a girl sayin' her hair real but it's a weave
Feminem is a style, She-Twelve is an age
She lives across 8 mile, but still can get gauged
KKKill the fetus, please believe this, word to Jesus
I got niggaz with the blowoff in they freezers
Facts is facts and fiction's fiction
If you can't take the heat, stay up out the kitchen
I remember droppin' Hellter Skkkelter
Before Devil's Night, I could've burned down the Shelter
We was bumpin' Awesome Dre
Representin' Detroit way before you met Dr. Gay
All my underground niggaz up at c Notes
Open mic, spittin' wicked shit that we wrote
There wasn't no East to West Coast
Just Awol, Rap Mafia, DJ Eazy B and Los

This world's so cold, I'ma let you know
You can't get away with tryin' to steal my flow