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Artist: E.S.G. f/ Paul Wall 
Album:  Owner's Manual 
Song:   Slab Musik 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 
Country ass boy... 
Huh, no disrespect to those huh-huh 
Who don't rock with the South, check it out 
[Hook - 8x] 
Riding down the slab, in my candy-candy car 
Now boys be flipping and tipping, getting paid independent 
It was cool for Jay-Z, to go and brag about his Bentley 
But soon as we talk our slabs, boys hating like we country 
But all your broads be looking important, once the sea is coming 
The game done got crazy, throwing swangs on anythang 
I seen em on a Benz truck, even a mustang 
It got me like damn, now where the hell they do that 
The land where it's Screwed at, candy red and blue that 
A candy black and gold, with a flag that say who that 
Looking for a Amber Rose, to hop in and chew that 
You handcuff and boo that, me I beat it blue black 
I paid six grand, now the Lac with 32 racks go and tell em who back 
[Hook - 8x] 
[Paul Wall] 
I'm crawling down clean, in my candy apple toy 
Super pokers strutting, dripping candy on boys 
Chopper button, breaking boys off all day 
With big ol' chrome grill, popping pill blowing hay 
You better get out the way, when that big ol' Lac creeping 
Leave a trail of ants, from the candy bumper leaking 
Up and down that Antoine, strapped up on chrome 
Better watch out for them jackers, or they'll have you walking home 
Peeping in my rearview, po-po's in sight 
Put the swisha out, hide the cup kill the lights 
I'm ready to make a statement, when I come down that block 
So I keep that fifth hanging, waving trunk with bopper drop 
When I'm riding down slab 
[Hook - 8x] 
See we use to have the top down, coming down mayn 
Corey Blount, Stick 1 and Fat Pat changing lanes 
On Martin Luther King, Jewel did his thang 
Drop L dog, go and go with Swang and Bang 
See I made em switch lanes, drank up in my styrofoam 
Before the internet thugs, IPads and IPhones 
Then Screw passed away, but our swag wasn't gone 
We let Michael Watts chop it, or it's slowed down by Bone 
The South be my home, Lousiana to Houston Tex 
No disrespect Cali, down here we be the best 
Yeah your Benz clean, but the old school is cleaner 
I bet you ten racks, the SS outrun your beamer 
When I'm riding down the slab, so boys stop hating 
You probably see the 3's or fo's, or super pokers skate 
There's no damn debate, you know I'm still a boss 
The way we say it down here, is breaking boys off when we 
[Hook - 5x]