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Artist: E.S.G. 
Album:  Owner's Manual 
Song:   Mama's Words 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

All you boys out there in the streets 
You can break that, come here I wanna talk to you 
Now I lay me, down to sleep 
I pray to the Lord, my soul to keep 
And if I should die, before I wake 
I'm sorry Lord, I gotta put food on our plate 
Truth mayn, g'eah 

I still can hear my mama saying 
Boy the police, they ain't playing 
And look both ways, when you cross the street 
Don't get caught with the heat, or bring dirt where you sleep 
Ay-ay, I still can hear my mama say again 
Now everybody ain't your damn friend 
Son, I know you're trying to win 
There's a two way road, the graveyard or the pen 
I'm in my cell, I'm madder than a motherfucker 
I guess it went in one ear, and out the other 

Now your homie's out the hood, see he grew up too quick 
Week before turning 24, got killed hitting a lick 
Now we G's chasing the cheese, growing up in a hurry 
Look at Pat and H.A.W.K. mama, that's two sons she had to bury 
Think about Pac think about Big, what about Pimp C kids 
Think about Pat H.A.W.K. kids, 3rd and Head doing it big 
Wish we could change what we did, and bring back them 
See them boys getting 20's, I ain't talking bout rims 
Talking bout the federal pen, the judge letting us hang 
Barack Obama, can't do a god damn thang 
I know my dogs feel my pain, legalize mary jane 
I can ride and smoke, and listen to Teena Marie sing g'eah 


Now Gerald Levert, a real cool sober dude 
Said E.S.G., show me where to get some real soul food 
Chopped it up about the bidness, showed love to a player 
Not knowing he'd be dead and gone, just two months later 
I met Pac in 95, he was screaming Westside 
Same year me and Big, had a show in H-Town right 
Look at me now I feel around, thank God for that bro 
Did three in the pen came home, lost Steve and Mello 
Young Gator, Robert Davis, Rock, Head and C.B. 
Low Cav and Martin, Taylor Red, and Darrel McCree 
Lil' Elton, Pimp C, J2 and Jay Black 
Lil' Johnson, Trevion, bring Kevin and Elvin back 
This for all my dead homies, that's gone and in the wind 
And I can't forget those in the pen, mayn