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Artist: E.S.G. 
Album:  Owner's Manual 
Song:   It Ain't Over 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

E.S.G. Screwed Up Click 
I ain't going no motherfucking where 
I'm still in the game doing my thang independent my nigga 
Listen here mayn, every time a nigga look up 
E.S.G. this E.S.G. that mayn, I tell ya dog 
That nigga really ain't did shit, since that Swangin' And Bangin' shit 
Wrote Wanna Be a Baller, brought up Flip and Thug 
Sold a million independent, man who ain't doing that 
Fuck that nigga mayn 

(It ain't over), not for me I'm still up in the game 
Shit, man I'm tired of hearing this nigga name 
(It ain't over), not for me I'm still getting it in 
Look, I wish I been where this nigga been 
(It ain't over), the fat lady she ain't sung yet 
Damn E, you ain't done yet 
One hit, two hits, three hits, fo' 
Five-six-seven homie, need I say mo' 

Whoever said it's over, yeah we just started 
I'm down syndrome with the flow, nigga straight retarded 
A lot of friends departed, but I'm still black hearted 
Yeah the game I scar it, I hope you boys enjoyed it 
A lil' country hustler, I'm from the boondocks 
You probably seen my live show, I made the room rock 
No matter who's hot, I made the stage crack 
A legend in your book, well nigga where my page at 
I met Drake and Lupe, they said the same thang 
You one of the realest and one of the trillest, in this damn game 
Created my own flame, so why they mad at me 
I did it all, without a major label strategy 
I see catastrophes, just like that 9/11 
To Pat to H.A.W.K. to Screw, the Moe, Big Mello, Pimp C gone to heaven 
We grinding 24-7, it's in my DNA 
So shut the hell up my nigga, and let the c.d. play 


Whoever said we couldn't sell, or get mail 
Well tell they ass they failed, spell L-O-L 
They say we comfortable, and fell up off the flo' 
Well tell em hell no, and type in L-M-A-O 
Still fresh I'm still folding, Southside we still holding 
You think we ain't the shit, G-N-R got a nigga rolling 
Ask Bun B, Lil' Wayne or ask Scarface 
Ask T.I., Slim Thee or Ricky Rosay 
They know I don't play, around my way the throwdest one 
Lil' Pac, B.I.G., all rolled up in one 
So press controller son, or press restart 
A lot of brains in this game, but you got's no heart 
My nigga please don't test mine, or try to check mine 
I control the line of scrimmage my nigga, Rex Ryan 
So next time, won't you throw a harder punch 
You look like dex prime, my motherfucking lunch nigga 


Yeah, that's that shit right there nigga 
That's what I'm tal'n bout, say-say-say E mayn 
Sign a nigga c.d. mayn, man I fuck's with cha mayn 
No homo though, man S.U.C. is in the building mayn 
Man hold up mayn, nigga E.S.G. 
Is off the motherfucking chain mayn, I bullshit you not 
Let me get a picture for my Facebook brah