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Artist: E.S.G. f/ Z-Ro 
Album:  Owner's Manual 
Song:   Internet Thugs 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 
It's been more than 30 years, since the wolf in the winter cold 
Now as then, beast approaches, patient and confident 
Savoring the meal to come, this beast is made of men and horses 
Swords and spears, an army of slaves vast beyond imagining 
Ready to snub out the world's one hope, the reason and justice... 
Trying to be gangsta (a beast) 
Trying to be gangsta 
Trying to be gangsta (a beast) 
Trying to be gangsta (a beast) 
All I hear everyday, I'm a G-A-N-G-S-T-A 
Like E.S.G. or Joseph McVey, knowing you never sprayed a K 
We don't play start to finish, yep we two of the hardest in it 
I understand your marketing plan, guess it's all part of your image 
Fresh new pose, for your profile pic 
But nigga your flow lie, like you sold them bricks 
The list Nino Brown, Tony Montana yeah they fiction like your music 
It's real money Johnny Bona, Nikki Bomb, Frank Lucas 
They wanna screw me like Lil' Boosie, lock me up in that lil' room 
Suppose to be a goon, turn into a baboon 
Indpendent cash, to hell with they feminine ass 
Boys thinking they got swag, making they skinny jeans sag 
All they do is tag pictures, I toe tag niggaz 
Fail to full be getting allergic, to hoe ass niggaz 
Think you being G bro, cause you popping bottles 
How that when your favorite TV show, America's Next Top Model 
Trying to be gangsta, they ain't really blood and cuz 
They just internet thugs 
Trying to be gangsta, they ain't dealers and killers 
They'll murder you on Facebook, and rob you on Twitter 
Trying to be gangsta, they must of seen our life 
But they can't walk the way we walk, because they jeans too tight 
Trying to be gangsta, like Cedric Sosa and Joseph 
Notify they next of kin it's over, cause a beast approaching 
Pack one in the bird unit, that's where I did my bid at 
In general population, but PC is where you hid at 
Running with a gang for protection, I never did that 
You gangsta now, but in prison you was braiding hair you did that 
They use to call you kit-kat, but now they call you killer 
You a hoe bitch, or a hoe ass and a half ass nigga 
You can read my real nigga resume, I come from the street 
Whooping niggaz asses, while you shop for curtains and lotion your feet 
And if them killers coming to get ya, you gon' hide tonight 
Fucking with me, I guess I'm just gon' have to die tonight 
But I'm a murderer, yeah I got perfect head and neck shots 
Only guns you felt are shooting, is with a controller on a XBOX 
Real gangsta is what fake gangstas, will never understand 
Real gangstas don't be throwing rocks, and hiding they hand 
August 7th 2009, a real gangsta got touched 
But he still be in the same place doing the same thang, a real gangsta don't give a fuck 
We so ga-a-a-a-ngsta 
We so gangsta, and y'all ain't gangsta 
But we so gangsta, and y'all ain't gangsta - 2x 
This for all of y'all people on Facebook, y'all parents 
Y'all need to stop all these senseless fucking crimes, all the gangbang shit 
This my fucking nephew right here, he ain't no gang member 
We don't come from that shit all that bullshit 
All that this ass whooping, ain't gon' be fair