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Artist: E.S.G. 
Album:  Owner's Manual 
Song:   I'm On 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

I've had some good days, you been struggling this for you (I'm on) 
No matter how you came up today, income tax (I'm on) 
Just got your refund check ha-ha, (I'm on) 
No matter how you getting it, we celebrating today (I'm on) 
I'm on, yo g'eah 

I'm on like a light switch, on like a power button 
Guess what it's all mine, I don't owe them cowards nothing 
I'm on like a light switch, on like a power button 
Guess what it's all mine, I don't owe them cowards nothing 
Tell em nigga, ay (I'm on) 
What you tell em nigga, ay (I'm on) 

Yeah the gladiator's back, tell my servants to start running 
A lot of people get nervous, when that first of the month be coming 
We know life can be crucial, but it's harder when you broke 
Got your phone bill your light bill, your rent and car note 
Lots of folks just get they grind on, some just lie around 
Waiting for someone to put them down, with looser how they sound 
Cause long as I'm alive, I'd never let em hold me down 
Whether be breaking down them pounds, or spitting them compound nouns 
Clowns I gotta get it, ooh I gotta get it 
No matter what you do you take care of you, just come back with it 
Talking Oprah Winfrey digits, they'll sell you anything 
Half of these rappers like BP, they'll tell you anything mayn 

Yeah, you been struggling this for you (I'm on) 
You just got paid double, you worked overtime (I'm on) 
Feel me, mighta just scratched off a lottery ticket (I'm on) 
But if you feeling like I'm feeling right now 
I'm feeling real special (I'm on), let's get it let's get it 


It's only God that I fear, grind mode all year 
See I struggled for everythang, no blood sacrifices here 
Homie granny shed a tear, yeah they ran her out of town 
After Hurricane Katrina, tore her projects down 
Now they displaced now, for no apparent reason 
I guess y'all can call it, get rid of niggaz season 
So they moved to Houston Texas, in a shelter all summer 
Her grandson met a plug, Cartel brick runner 
Tattoos on his arm, fifty karats in the charm 
So ese always clientele, moved here after the storm 
Got a wife and couple kids, sick grandma at home 
Next day he gotta pack, that ese put him on and he's gone 

You never know where your blessings coming from (I'm on) 
Don't give up, (I'm on) 
So no matter how you surviving baby, (I'm on) 
You got more than twenty dollars in your pocket tonight (I'm on) 


Texas now you on, Louisiana now you on 
Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi on 
Georgia boys on, my Florida boys on 
Arizona, California, yeah them boys on 
Oklahoma on, Nebraska now you on 
I can't forget that St. Louis, Milwaukee yeah they on 
Chi-Town on, yeah them boys on 
Screw for life they some G's, yeah you know it's on g'eah