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Artist: E.S.G.
Album:  Family Business
Song:   You Don't Know E
Typed by: Lil Hustle

E.S. revolution, E.S.G.
SES, man you bitch ass niggaz don't know us
Make ya money g'eah

You mighta seen me in the streets but nigga, you don't know me
When you holla when you speak, remember you don't know me
Save all the hating and the popping, nigga you don't know me
Quit telling niggaz you my partna, nigga you don't know me
Don't be a groupie keep it moving, nigga you don't know me
Hey I ain't tripping pimp the truth is really, you don't know me
(yeah you know they call me E.S.), but you don't know me
You be hating and I see why, cuz you don't know me

I got twenty on my chest, another ten on my teeth
Aint talking thirty diamonds, bitch I mean thirty G's
Pistols stay cocked, for these jacking dirty G's
Lil B he got popped, FED's found thirty ki's
Bad bitch from overseas, I keep her on her knees
To me wrecking beats, like Peja shooting three's
Call me to get Regals, bitch I'm a OG
Caught my first dope case, way back in 9-3
They claiming that they down, with this S.U.C.
Never ever hung with Screw, or my nigga P-A-T
Stealing styles stealing raps, homeboy that ain't me
I make up all the hooks, ask that nigga Slim Thee
Make cats lean back, like I'm Fat J-O-E
Southside tsunami, call him E.S.G.
Candy red blue or green, gleaming whole team deep
Stay strapped with heat, the size of Yao Ming feet g'eah


Ain't no mistakes I ain't fake, moving c.d.'s like they weight
In the kitchen cakes baked, then we ship em out of state
Can't relate don't hate, watch the ice illuminate
See my 22's skate, riding in my quarter to eight
That's a 7-45, with the what Texas plates
Ten foot gates by the lake, in my stuck or estate
Three steps past good, two steps from great
And I'm one step away, from in your mo'fucking face
Scared to go to lunch, cause I might take ya plate
Ya scared go to church, but I might take ya faith
Now fuck them other niggaz, we used to collaborate
Bullets penetrate, then I watch your soul evaporate
Southside earthquakes, snakes better evacuate
No nuts having niggaz, call him Mr. cash straight
Might as well play with Barbie dolls, and already bake
Now this my year nigga, name ring in every state g'eah