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Artist: E.S.G. f/ Brandon Stacks
Album:  Family Business
Song:   Fuck Ya'll
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Gangsta shit, that shit niggaz don't wanna hear about
That shit, make hoe niggaz run in the house
Hide up under the table, know I'm tal'n bout
We finna expose you bitch ass niggaz
We in this motherfucker, (SES) here it go

[Brandon Stacks]
In this game it ain't no friends, it's just foes and snitches
Hoes and bitches, all of em out to get riches
If I had three wishes, what would I do where would I go
To a place far away, where niggaz can't act hoe
Is that right bro oh that's fa sho, we in the do'
Toe to toe blow for blow, letting you fake niggaz know
That we ain't going nowhere, you niggaz stuck with us
And I put that on my mama, your click can't fuck with us
Cause uh we keep it gangsta, nigga we keep it gangsta
I never turn my back on my partnas, now that's a wanksta
To everybody that helped me, I'd like to thank ya
Show love to my people, oh nigga that's gangsta

[Hook - 2x]
These niggaz, wanna take my life dog
Why niggaz in the streets, so shife dog
Niggaz gotta play the game, get it right dog
Kill me hell naw, by any means fuck y'all

I keep it gutter and dirty, like some crackhead drawas
Niggaz hating on E.S.G., I'm busting back at y'all
Like damn I miss my dogs, like Weezy say
Like Todd and Yo-Yo, half you other niggaz gay
You very nothing ass niggaz, there's a pimp in the place
Keep talking shit bout me and my click, leave my handprint in your face
Now this nigga caught a case, now he calling my phone
Talking bout he need some hard, cooked A-1 zones
I'm like oops wrong number, no these jackers wanna do me
I'm a savage bout my cabbage, like Lil' Webbie and Lil' Boosie
Thug blood running through me, I was born with a oozie
Punk pussy perpetrators, playa haters who persue me
Niggaz use to try to use me, catch me slipping in the jacuzzi
Bad bitch next to me, running game trying to confuse me
I'm a bomb waiting to go off, you hoes can't defuse me
So next time bring the National Guard, you bitches wanna do me g'eah

[Hook - 2x]

Fuck you nigga g'eah, if you a G ass nigga
Know I'm saying, like us over here at SES
Doing our mo'fucking thang, E.S.G. that's right
The motherfucking boss on the mic, with my new lil' underboss
That's doing his mo'fucking thang, Brandon motherfucking Stacks
Big Sin we getting money bitch, I done told you niggaz
A hundred times it's going down, niggaz don't no street shit with us
Know I'm saying, 'specially not me
This is how we doing it g'eah uh, hollin' at my gangstas out there
G'eah, I'm hollin' at my gangstas out there

Third riding bone, what's up to the Head
What's up Bo-Leg, nigga we ain't scared
What's up to the Poke', what's up to the H.A.W.K.
What's up to the Keke, gangstas we don't talk
What's up Big Moe, this is how it go
What's up Alexandria, my nigga T down fa sho
What's up Shreveport, what's up Lil' Beezy
T.I. my nigga, see we keep it off the heezy
What's up Corpus Christi, what's up Chi-Town
What's up Milwaukee, X we putting it down
Now what's up Judy Jones, what's up DJ Whirl
What's up DJ Black, see we rocking for you girl
And you better uh-uh g'eah mixtape shit