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Artist: E.S.G. f/ D-Reck, D-Gotti, Noke D
Album:  City Under Siege
Song:   Thugs in Heaven
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Fuck that shit, I done lost another-another one of my
Another one of my homies man, fuck this shit
Know I'm tal'n bout, I'ma blow to them boys it's still gon go down
Wreckshop, we putting it down
For all our motherfucking thugs in heaven, feel that baby

[Hook: Noke D]
This is for my thugs, in heaven
(see I'm trying to survive, in these motherfucking struggling days
But I'm trapped in my thuggish ways, thuggish ways)

See I'm addicted to thugging, that's why I toss in my sleep
Tear drops on the sheets, how many I lost in these streets
From  Mafio to P-A-T, I'ma hold down the fort
Cause I'm the state representative, they passed me the torch
You caught the signs of time will try to blind, all your ghetto dreams
Got plagues like AIDS, city full of dope fiends
Like K say, is there a better place for a G
Now let my people go free, to Penitentiary
For all my motherfucking, soldiers and hustlers
Putting food on the table, for they mothers and lil' brothers
I'm suicidal, with homicidal tendencies
Fuck blaming mama, nigga it's the thug in me
It's like I'm living in hell, but will it ever quit
In the studio, writing raps to the devil bitch
I wanna switch, from my hustling ways
Ain't no pain pumping through my veins, it's just my thuggish ways

[Hook - 2x]

Riding one deep, top down with bitches
Teary eyed, reminiscing bout my resting niggaz
Lord bless my niggaz, forgive they sins and wrong doing
For my childhood friends, locked for Benjamin pursuing
Now I'm building my life, through the eyes of sorrow
Wondering if it's gon be me, that cross them ropes tomorrow
See I'm mashing in foreign, but inside I'm crumbling
It's self destruction I'm tumbling, smoking heart heart pumping
Too fast will I last, look at my niggaz who fell
P-A-T and Big Steve, stay in heaven or hell
Lord please let em be with you, body rocking and shocking
And if they is I know they shining, and still top dropping
I'm trying to block it out my mind, but the pain is crucial
And all my niggaz on them Uni's, baby the feeling is mutual
I'm out here grinding in Houston, trying to live the dream
This for my thugs serving terms, and sleeping for eternity

[Hook 2]
This if for my thugs, in heaven
(late night getting high, reminiscing on my lovely days
But I can't change my thuggish ways, thuggish ways)
This is for my thugs, in heaven
(see I'm trying to survive, in these motherfucking struggling days
But I'm trapped in my thuggish ways, thuggish ways)

It's prayers on my knees, everynight befo' sleep
Because God dealed the cards, gave a good hand to me
Cause it's plain to see, I ain't your typical G
Went hard class from six, still mastered the streets
We maneuver with rugers, over paper we'll do ya
Smuggled the green moved the white, travel by night cause it's cooler
Let this O.G. school ya, first impressions might fool ya
Down to shoot ya run through ya, do ya like I never knew ya
Seen good niggaz die, from hanging with niggaz that's fly
That's why you see the same niggaz, in my Benz when I ride
This for my thugs in the sky, the thought brings tears to my eyes
I'm on the rise I live no lies, I still slice up the pie
It's the thug in me, that keeps the love in me
It's tight grips and snug hugs, if you feel the D
Like that E.S.G., and that D-Gotti
We gon ball for all of y'all, till we D-I-E

[Hook 2 - 2x]

Man shit man, boys I be still blowing for them boys
Fat Pat, Mafio, Lil' B.G. Gator know I'm saying
Treven it's going down, Gator and Pike know I'm talking bout
Man them boys in that Prareview accident, we blowing for y'all heads up for ya
All my boys in the Penitentiaries, you know I'm saying
On them Uni's keep y'all head up, know I'm saying Big Blunt
Everybody, that ain't gon see these streets for a minute
Wood all them boys, man we miss y'all man you know I'm saying
But it's still gon go down, just keep God in our life
Keep our head straight, we still gon do this thang
Even though we thuggish baby, even though we thuggish man