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Artist: E.S.G. f/ Yung Redd, D-Gotti, Kano
Album:  City Under Siege
Song:   Ballin Outta Control
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Ha, man it's going down baby what
E.S.G., man I got three young thoed ass niggaz in here with me baby
Know I'm tal'n bout, my lil' partna D-Gotti
Lil' Redd from H.S.E., my partna Kano
It's going down baby, a lil' some'ing like this ha

Say whoo, swoop the coupe off the showroom flo'
(maaan, you balling out of control)
Say whoo pop roof, 20's got me sitting low
(maaan, you balling out of control)
Say whoo, I got a gallon and a pound of endo
(maaan, you balling out of control)
Say whoo, if you low cost thirty or mo'
(maan, you balling out of control)

[Yung Redd]
I'm a playa, running through Texas freaks
Plus we count a lot of money, pushing Lexus jeeps
These hoes stacking ends, don't sit next to creeps
Everybody's main squeeze, having sex with me
Look I keep a froze wrist, you could believe that
Girls stop in they tracks, like we playing freeze tag
And Redd don't deal with em, if she's a fleas bag
I'm worth ten mill, fa sho we brag
We ride on motor bikes, and floss big Jags
Splurge in the mall, and come out with big bags
A potent fo' dranker, that'll guzzle or juggle bar
When broads tug my rope, it's like tug of war
Now what you wanna be, a thug or a star
A Sucka-Free nigga, in the club at the bar
(say playboy, now what you did last summer)
Oh yeah went to the car lot, and bought the last Hummer


Jumped out the six, let the gators touch this jacket Fendi
With my glock on my side, with two charges pending
Let my 20's do the spinning, while I'm puffing on doe-doe
Last month I knocked my bitch, a C-74-4
Keep my bidness on the low-low, nobody knows about the branch
With a stallions on the ankles, and the dibs I do in France
Out in advance to bleed, water and submarines
The coast guard on the payroll, having a stab smoking cheese
Blame me, for stealing the galleria out of bidness
Now I shop on the internet, to let the world feel my riches
Make em stop look and listen, when I'm popping surround
Jumping down with ice glistening, Gucci to the ground it's going down

From sun up to sun down, I'ma ball and parlay
With all my niggaz around the way, H-Town is where I stay
Bladed up and faded up, bubble eyes on the street
I pick my heat for them haters, and baller blockers I meet
I get peeped in this game, a surround professor
Bitch nigga digester, wide frame carressor
I test a yellow hoe, as I ride by slow
On choppers I caught the eye, of a nigga block away a bopper
But I ain't stopping, I'm smashing off on chrome and spinners
With block benders, and representers I mash like blenders
Pulverize contenders, that try to jump on the mic
If you ain't pimping a pen, then you ain't doing it right nigga


Fuck cruise control, I mash the gas to the flo'
Six double O, blunt filled with endo
No perfecto, cause I prefer an optimoe
I'm tipping through the scene, watching screens sitting low
Cause your hoes is my hoes, they following me
When you called her last night, she was swallowing me
E.S.G. on DVD, and I be thugging it up
All my diamonds princess cut, look like I just dug em up
The way they twinkle and sparkle, white two grey valet parker
At the Kappa in a drop, with mo' hops than Vince Carter
A.C. cold when I roll, turn your sys' up
Tell your baby mama, stop blowing my Sprint up
Hundred D's on trees, playboy match that
Want a Bentley next year, know D-Reck can back that
What's next a platinum plack, my dogs been with me
Only rapper with a contract, the size of King Whitney

[Hook - 2x]