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Artist: Esau
Album:  The Debut Album ... The Farewell Tour
Song:   That's Real
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Now listen to this story cause it's real
I knew an emcee who kept it real, kid had mad skills, plus a record deal
But that street trife life still appealed, so he continued to deal
Didn't know that all his friends wasn't his friends, man you know the deal
Hanging out with heads trying to build, but inside they jealous of his record deal
So while he's chilling buying everybody meals, they scheming a plan to take his bills
xxxx shots to the pill, - couldn't let his past go, he kept it real
Now he's really gone, his girl really can't go on
His friends really miss him, and he really won't make no more songs
He was really hard, he kept it really real
He really didn't sell out, he lived that thug life for real
Now,  really was it worth it, he really didn't deserve it
You really find out your friends when the fanblades hit shit
And really sometimes, if you don't leave it behind
You really won't get an opportunity to shine that's real!