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Artist: EPMD
Album:  Unfinished Business
Song:   Jane II
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P - Hello hello, may I speak to the E?
E - This is me... is this the doctor M.D.?
    Yo P it's kinda early, who's there Laverner and Shirley?
    Is it Kate and Allie, or some other girlie?
    Well anyway, yo P you know I'm lazy
    Callin me this time of hour you must be crazy
P - Excuse me, but I'm sorry E Double
    It's a terrible situation and it might cause trouble
    Throw on your coat jump in your Benz and come over
E - Why P?
P - Yo, I think Jane is on my sofa
E - What?
P - Last night I was all alone
    Cold watch the boob tube, because my fuse was blown
    Picked up the bat phone, to drop a line to you
    Maybe 10:15, or maybe 10:22
E - Where was I?
P - I don't know, you wasn't there
    Threw on the link Rolex watch and fresh gear
    I grabbed my key, along with the cash flow
    Shifted out the door to the local disco
E - Where'd you go, not to that ran down pub
P - Hell no... I was coolin at a club
    It was Spanish night, so I was drinkin Molta
    Threw on a little tango, plus a little salsa
    Seen a fly girl, standin next to me
    So I slid over to her very non-chalantly
    She was DEF, body perfectly fit
    She was packin, a 300-E with the kit
    I said, "Kitten, how ya doin miss?"
    I said, "Hello my name is Parrish"
E - "Hi, my name is Cris"
P - "Can I buy you a drink?"
E - "Yes"
P - "What will it be?"
E - "A martini and Rossi, Asi Spumante.
     By the way is that your Caadillac Allante
     parked outside right next to my Monte
     car?  You can call it, my ex-husband bought it."
P - Put my ego up here and said it's time to go for it
    "This place is a drag, grab your coat and bag.
     We'll have drinks on the house, back at my pad."
    We got to my house we walked through the door
    Threw on "Night and Day" by
E - Al. B Sure
P - She grabbed me, gave me kiss on the lips
    So I grabbed the cold booty and caressed the hips
    I got ahead of myself, because I wanted to flirt
    Took off the G-strings and the V-neck skirt
    Put my eho up here
E - Yeah it's time to do work
P - I felt the movement below so it's time to react
    I went in my back utility belt anad pulled out a jim hat
    I bust a move... when it came to that
    But then she freaked it, and grabbed the bozack
    Started dpom it, then she called me the master
E - You got bigger, better, stronger and much faster
P - At first I laughed, as if it was a joke
    But then my heart skipped a beat, and I lost a stroke
    I said to myself, oh no it couldn't be
    The J to the A to the N to the E
E - Yo P don't tell me it was Jane you were douchin
    With the Anita Baker head
P - Nah more like Whitney Houston
E - While the record's still playing to Al B. Sure's "Effect Mode"
    Stay tuned, to be continued on the next episode
    Peace, I'm Audi 5000