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Artist: EPMD
Album:  Business as Usual
Song:   Underground
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
Comin straight from the underground {*echoes*}

[Erick Sermon]
As I pump up a brand new funk swing
and bring back the chill or thrill from B.B. King
Old-fashioned, is the way that I be waxin
a MC - I bust a grill, and the reaction
I check, inspect, make sure the head's wrecked
{*CRUNCH*} Snap a neck for some live effects
A machine, malfunctioning, that's mean
I "Stay Together" my man like Al Green
I'm a slayer, the E-R-I-C-K and I'm back
To attack a punk chump, that ain't sayin jack
Boom, I'm buckwild when I'm stoned
I close, only one eye like a cyclone
So I throw on my black shades that's rhinestone
Jump into my Benz that's outlined in chrome
I'm the grand, royal MC I'm no joke
I hit like a Phillie, Blunt when it's toked
I smoke, an MC well done, he gets done
I'm knockin out whack MC's like Michael Nunn
Full power, one punch crunch, I'm throwin bolos
I'm strapped heavy, my handguns that's solo
I'm packed when it's time to get down
Cause Erick Sermon's comin straight from the underground


[Parrish Smith]
Okie dokie; my mind gets slow-pokey when I toke the pull
from a Phillie Blunt and I hope me
Olde Gold is cold when I pop the cap
Take a sip and then blitz, then crack a back with a rhyme sack
Cause I'm too smooth, paid my dues and can't lose
I'm "Top Gun," pullin bitches like Tom Cruise
And my main man, D-Wade, still gets paid
And in the off-season, we vacate in the shade
So all hail the Mary, crack the Moet
Blast the boombox, then act like George and Jet-son
Cause my style, similar to Tae Kwon Do
But aiyyo, I don't kick or throw stars this brother flows
to the funk track, with 808 drops for props 
No type of druggin or thuggin, DT's or cops
I say, no to blow, yes to sess, and I suggest
you put a buck on lotto, and if you win you should invest
on the new grill +Bill+ cause I rock +Nunn+ until
the fat lady sings, or Brooklyn starts to ill
But there's a fat chance, with the brother bistro
Cause I'm the master of the quadraverb and the echo
There's no time to stop, so P keep on steppin
on the edge of the frame of the mind, the nine is the weapon
That I choose to squeeze when a brother bucks wild
One slug to the head, mafioso style
You catch a universal beat down with sounds that pound
watch yourself son, I'm comin straight from the underground

[Erick Sermon]
I'm comin straight from the underground {*2X*}
Straight from the underground

One-two in the house, Hit Squad