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Artist: EPMD f/ LL Cool J
Album:  Business as Usual
Song:   Rampage
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeahhh... funk... {*gong sound*}
Yeah, slow down baby
Uhh - slow down baby
Uhh - slow down baby
Yeah - slow down baby

[Parrish Smith]
Yeah LL Cool J in the house (slow down baby) knahmsayin?
EPMD in effect (slow down baby)
Snappin necks, cashin large checks (slow down baby)
All the non-believers can cold get the dick (slow down baby)
Y'knahmsayin? (slow down baby)
Cause this is daddy mack, king of the bozack
All my friends knows that (slow down baby)
Mix the master down...
As I kick it like this (slow down baby)

Cause you can get rugged, tough, hard like P
Tried to play my man but you couldn't touch me
You faggot, no comp' rapper on a quest
To get your head flown boy, you must be loc' on sess
Cause many often wonder is M.D. paid
You're God damn right punk, stay outta my way
Cause I clock G's while you clock Z's
And I don't smoke crack - I smoke MC's
So pick up a pen, cop a squat, and take note
A rapper suffered from bleedin, sprains and slit throats
Cause my style, deadly psychopath schizophrenic
A rapper choke like a carburetor, freeze up and panic
Cause I clock pesos, don't sell llello
'Nother word for cocaine mi amigo
That's Spanish, terminology for friend
Now sit back and ride my bozack as I send
Bass funk, with beats that thump
For speakers and amps, cold lined up in my trunk
My system's crankin my headlights are blinkin
Brothers ridin my tip L, at the same time thinkin DAMN
How could a brother be so nice?
Cause I'm the capital, P-E twice, M-D-E twice
I choose to squeeze, some choose to fight
I like to write but then again some bite
And while you was bangin on tables;
I was bangin Snow White - P!

{*DJ Scratch: "On a rampage!"*}

[LL Cool J - over Chorus]
Slow down baby
Yeahhhh - slow down baby
Uhh yeah - slow down baby
Uhh - slow down baby

The Ripper, the master, the overlordian
Playing MC's like a old accordion
I get the inspiration from unnecessary station
Them sayin I was vacationin
You can't quote with your weaker throat
Tryin to sneak a peek at how I freak the notes
Major MC's become minor B-flats
So retire the mic, get your chains and your bats
Here's your chance to advance, get in your stance
I shoot the holster off your cowboy pants
Pure entertainment, tonight's your arraignment
You're guilty - face down on the pavement!
No holds barred, it's time to get scarred
You and your squad better praise the real God
The undertaker, droppin thunder on fakers
When it comes to lyrics I'm as freaky as Seka
So lay the mic down slow and careful
Cause mine is fully loaded and I got another handful
A clip to slip in and start rippin
Divin and dippin and givin punks a whippin (aww shit)
Just in case you wanna go a few rounds or so
I'm down so that you clowns'll know
Me gettin burnt or hurt won't be tolerated
I got rhymes up the huh - forget it I'm constipated - L!


[LL Cool J - over Chorus]
Slow down baby
Uhh yeah - slow down baby
Yeah - slow down baby
{E Double in the house!} Yeah

[Erick Sermon]
When I come around homeboy, watch your nugget
A master on the beatdown, my style's rugged
When I attack the microphone, close the zone
Rap sees danger, can't roam
Security's packed and wall to wall can't fall
A rap tank is full so I can't stall
My microphone is filled with premium
Any whack MC that flexes, I'm creamin him
Not with lotion, bust the motion
Flotation when I rock on the mic, I'm like coastin
I'm unique, fatigued at my peak you still seek
a style cause yours extra weak
New method, to rip the stage at my age
And get loose and kick, like Bruce in a rage
I'm on a rampage

[Chorus] - 2X

[over Chorus]
Slow down baby {*7X*}

[ad libbed scratches and "Slow down baby" repeat to fade]