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Artist: Emtee
Album:  Avery
Song:   About Me
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Ngiyazi ukuthi awujabuli mawungibona Ng'fez iphupho lami
Hmm K'yafan mos
I know you hear about me, about me, about me
I hope you hear about me, about me
Even after all is done

I wonder why I'm still here breathin'
Used to be a nice guy, this year beastin'
North side livin' and haters just can't believe it
I don't have worry about no ceiling.. leaking
Why should I be scared of another man?
One shot to the face, take you straight to lala land
'Roll Up' is a hit and I wasn't dissing Jabba Man,
Just a simple co-sign I hope that you understand
I love my parents for giving me life, if I make Ten Mill, I'm givin' em Five
Don't ask me nothing about the shit that I mix with the Sprite
Didn't get maths, numbers on the board
And I'm getting it right, bet Ima get it tonight
Now that I'm winning it's nice, I cost a different price
You prolly do it for likes, I tried to ask for advice
Just a young put-on, they told me "no" like twice


Emtee the hustler, higher than a Rasta
Cool, calm and collected, me I'm never laastig
Run up on me wrong then you might get a fast trap
Ak'sheshwe rhwap rhwap, I'm tryna get the bucks up
Young man doing things you should be inspired
I done ran the city so much I'm getting tired
Big moves, lil dude, heart of a lion
Ran up on em like the police with no siren
Jozi city lights, don't blind him
Look at how every single label tryna sign him
Aye, Who came through and had you turning up in traffic?
Freestyled the song, didn't even have ad-libs
That's the same song that me chilling where the cash is
Talking 'bout jets now, tell me who the baddest
Matatiele mine, ladies saying I'm fine
If you tryna hate, pick a better time


Yeah.. yeah we finally here, yeah we finally hear
After so much of hard work, trying to survive in the streets of Joburg
Working hard, but not getting the acknowledgement you deserve
Getting double-crossed, sleeping on floors
You know this is really what I always wanted to do my whole life
I did nothing but this...
So here I am, I'd like you to get to know me, where I come from, how I got here