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Artist: Eminem f/ Steve Berman
Album:  The Eminem Show
Song:   Steve Berman
Typed by: exyy

{*unintelligable talking outside*}

[Eminem]    [mutters under his breath]

{*Eminem knocks on the door, sighs and walks in the office*}
[Steve]     {*on the phone to Dr Dre*}
	    It's ridiculous, I can't believe it, what?
	    Hold on a minute
	    {*To Eminem*}
[Eminem]    Whuddup?
[Steve]     Have a seat
	    {*To Dr Dre on the phone*}
	    Dre?  I'll call you back
	    {*hangs up*}
[Eminem]    What now?
[Steve]     I don't even know where to start
[Eminem]    {*slight pause*}
[Steve]     I got the album from upstairs
[Eminem]    {*slight pause*}
[Steve]     And this, is BY FAR, THE MOST...

{*Gun cocks, shoots once, Steve Berman painfuly gasps and falls to the floor*}

[Steve]     {*voice strained*}
            ...incredible thing, I've ever...'eard