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Artist: Eminem
Album:  Despicable 12"
Song:   Despicable
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  {*beat from Drake's "Over" plays*}

Uhh, uhh, haha
Nah, fuck an intro man, let's just go

I come around like what goes around, what goes up must come down
Anyone who comes up must go down, might as well go for the gusto now
Better not let up, better not let them breathe, last shot give it all you got
Try to turn me down bitch get fucked with a volume knob, fuck all you snobs!
Hoes I hope all you rot
Two bottles of Lubriderm and a box of condoms, is that all you brought?
And you want a ménage-à-trois you twats?
Fuck that, I'd rather turn this club to a bar room brawl
Get rowdy as Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall, like a leech stuck in a vacuum y'all
Ain't nothin but a whole lot of suckin goin on in rap, yeah but I'm home
Bad to the bone, back in the zone, let him alone, you don't wanna go eggin him on
It'll never be my chair that you own - crown so tight that it cuts off 
circulation to the brain, no oxygen, other words there's no "air" to the throne
When I die so does hip-hop, Hitchcock better shit bitch ass doc, got it Ziploc'd
in a bag, you fags ain't been able to fade me since Kid Rock had a high top
Keep bloggin while I'm mind-bogglin, I zone like I'm in the twilight dog get off
my bone, this is my mic doggone it, I like hoggin it
Flow so wet I'ma take this beat tobogganin, I'm water-loggin it
I'm soggin it, pull your verse out the beat and stomp on it
Suplexin it on cement, like I'm on some "Straight Outta Compton" shit
Take this dick and chomp on it, I'm so bad I can bitch-slap a back-handed compliment
Jackass eat a donkey dick, the game I just about conquered it
Like Donkey Kong I'm bonkers bitch, I'm the king of this honkey shit
I reign supreme in this honkey shit, no sense screamin and arguin
Makes no difference whether a Benz or Bentley or a Beamer's the car you in!
  {*beat changes to Lloyd Banks' "Beamer, Benz, or Bentley"*}
You think you ball well I'll palm it, I'll throw up bars when I vomit
Boy I throw down in the kitchen, might hit your mom with my omelet
But you got egg on your face, now watch me drop an atomic
I should be strapped to the chest of a kamikaze bitch I'm as
bat shit as Ozzy, it's obvious you can tell right off the bat
No pun intended but come any closer I'll bite off your head!
Tryin to give me the finger's kinda like givin a spider the web
I'm just gonna spin it and try to use it to my advantage
I catch a fly in that bitch, you think you fly you just food
I give as much of a flyin fuck as that Superman dude
Guess I just do what you can't do, I'll make you look stupid and bamboozled
Confused as usual and you can get ripped, she can open a can too
But you better hope you can handle the heat or stay the fuck out of hell's kitchen
I came to cock-block, like a square fuckin male chicken
Yeah, it's Shady slut, the rest can suck on a big one
Cause I'm as despicable, as Daffy Duck when I'm spittin
Ha ha, "Recovery"