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Artist: Eminem
Album:  The Marshall Mathers LP
Song:   Ken Kaniff
Typed by: exyy

{* This is a diss against Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope from ICP 
These people do NOT actually feature on this track *}

{* Soft romantic piano music playing in background *}
{* Over zealous sarcastic sucking sounds *}

[Ken Kaniff]  	Uhhhh
		Oh suck it
		Oh fuck yeah!
		Oh Shaggy
		Uhh, this is why they call you 2 Dope ain't it?
		Oh fuck yeah!
		Okay now take it out, take it out
		Now give some to Jay
		Oh Violent Jay
		Don't Bite it, don't be violent with it
		Now just suck it, nice and slow yeah
		Uhhhh, Oh fuck yeah, you've got uh...
		Now give it back to Shaggy
		He was suckin' it better
		Uhh, now say my name
[Shaggy]	{whispering}
[Ken Kaniff]	Say my name.

{* Soft romantic piano music ends abruptly with a dischord *}

[Shaggy]	{whispering}
[Ken Kaniff]    WHAT?
		Oh fuck you guys! 
		Give me my dick back! 
		{Ken zips up his trousers}
		Fuck you guys! 
		If you want Eminem
		You can HAVE Eminem!
		Fuck you guys, I'm leavin'!
[Shaggy]	Ken Wait!
		Uhhh, damn! 
[Violent Jay]	Nice going Shaggy!