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Artist: (Eminem f/) Paul Rosenberg
Album:  Encore
Song:   Paul (Skit)
Typed by: exyy

{*in the style of a telephone answering machine message*}
[Paul Rosenberg]
Em, it's Paul
Erm, listen, I just got a call from the label
And, you're probably not going to be suprised but erm...
Michael Jackson was extremely upset about the "Just Lose It" video and erm...
I mean he's pissed so
I-I dunno what he's going to do, but
We gotta talk about how we are going to handle this
Um, oh yeah, anyway
Somebody told me that, er, they heard a rumour, that you got a new gun
Err, I know it's probably not true
But I just need to talk to you about that
So erm, give me a call
{*hangs up*}