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Artist: eMC
Album:  The Show
Song:   U Let Me Grow
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Last year, we did a record, that was dedicated to all our mothers
Shortly .. yeah you can give it up for that...
Shortly after, doin' the record, uh my mom, my mom passed away
So my mom never got to hear this record
And this song means a lot to me
and my big brother Masta Ace is gon', gon' help tie the story together
We might get a 'lil, a 'lil emotional
but y'all have to bear with us it's the first time we doin this record
One month later, unexpectedly, my mother passes away
and I didn't get a, she didn't get a chance to hear the song either
So this song is extra special to both of us
we've never performed this song before
We wanna share this with y'all. Is that cool?

[Verse One] [Masta Ace]
Thank you momma, for everything that you've done
Livin' in the slums, single mom, and you raised a son
I wanna thank you for the sacrifice
For a lot of kids in the hood, life wasn't half as nice
Used to take me out to Coney Island
I don't recall many tears, I remember only smilin'
I wanna thank you for the education
The college tuition, and all of life's preparation
I used to think is was the worst day
When you said I had to leave by my 21st birthday
I didn't get it then, I understand now
All is good, your boys a grown man now
I got a plan now, and I'm fine look
And all my thanks couldn't fit into this rhyme book
I ain't gon 'wait until you cant say it back
To tell you that I love you on a track, I love you

[Chorus] [Wordsworth]
Made me strong like you, wipe these tears when I cry
Let your fingers wipe the cold from my eyes
I'm ya baby, taught me to stand on my own
But couldn't show me, some of the things I ain't know
You let me grow

[Verse Two] [Wordsworth]
Days like this, momma said there would be
Ten centimeters dilated, then you pushed me
Ain't psychic, but been down the paths I traveled
Decisions are the roads in life, that has no arrows
Became a compass, I always had home as an option
You accomplished on your own, after you were adopted
Knew that, only you made me a stronger person
Not those R rated movies or those songs with curses
Was worth it, and it shows, but each day I'm annoyed
Workin' to avoid, being Tyrese in Baby Boy
Dated women that you didn't like, friends I defended
You new that girl wasn't the one, and those friendships ended
Said your peace then let me grow 
Head to toe, let me know, lessons though 
What's best that kept me from dead below
Places I begged to go
Let me when bread was low
Extra dough could've said no, now I'm set to go

[Verse Three] [Stricklin]
You the best momma, you definitely better than the rest momma
Always did your thing to keep me freshly dressed momma
And not once, did I ever see you stress momma
I'm so impressed momma
You was the sun on my cloudy day
And if you couldn't be that, you would take them clouds away
Wow, I hope you smile to what I'm bout to say
I love you moms and I hope I make you proud today
Lunches for school, you would always pack the nicest
They was great, now I appreciate them sacrifices
When I was wrong you would let me know
But at times you would let it go, just so you could let me grow
Basketball, I don't think you ever missed a game
If we lost you would say its okay it's just a game
I owe you so much and I can never pay you back
But I give you music, now just lay back and play the track

[Chorus] [Wordsworth]
Made me strong like you, wipe these tears when I cry
Let your fingers wipe the cold from my eyes
I'm ya baby, taught me to stand on my own
But couldn't show me, some of the things I ain't know
You let me grow

[Verse Four] [Punchline]
Send this out to all the mothers
Check it
Yo, my version of a Mother's Day card 
A blessin from God
Our relationship left me permanent scarred
Struggled with jobs, straight crazy, my main lady
Your pockets was as broke as the promises you gave me
Late eighties, dated men that were straight shady
You partied
I was at the babysitters daily
Seen rarely, stayed missin', stayed riffin'
I seen you fight the world, your pops, and a drug addiction
Contradictin', on my mother I was callin'
Ignorin', grams raised your son like mornin'
Tears fallin', you missed the growth and progression
I'm at the graduation, without a cheering section
Harsh lessons, I would live it again
Cause all of this still made me the man that I am
Mother and friend, forgive you for all your mistakes
I'm forgettin' the past so let's start with a clean slate