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Artist: eMC f/ DJ Eclipse
Album:  The Show
Song:   eMC (What it Stand For)
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Yeah, you already know what it is man. eMC
Your boy Stricklin, anthem to hip hop. It's my man Nicolay on the drums
I'ma play lead vocals.Yeah, you know how I get down, man
It's eMC, lemme tell you what it stand for

[Verse One] [Stricklin]
Yo, Every Minute Counts dawg
So I'ma rhyme like there's no tomorrow 
I gotta style of my own, your little flow is borrowed 
Your shit's trash, like a empty glass soda bottle 
Your looking for dough to borrow, and mine is a flow to follow 
Yeah, this verse kinda ill, well there's lot more to follow 
All I need is some rice and a nice hoe that swallow 
A dime piece that be looking like she's supposed to model 
Essential Music Catalog dawg, you know the motto 

e.M.C., Experts Making Classics 
Cop two, keep one wrapped in plastic 
Bastards spit straight, aim for your neck 
Like Saddam, I'ma give y'all the sentence of death 
Evil, Motherless, Child 
Raised in the ghetto, when my upbringing foul
Wild, come to your show and diss you 
A back seat'll be the only chair I give you 

"They, they wanna know"
"What it stand for?"

[Verse Two] [Masta Ace]
Excellent Mic Controllers 
Each Must Come, fulfill the quota 
Every Man Can, prove he's a soldier 
This ain't +Chicken Noodle Soup+ with a soda 
This be Exceptional Men Collaborating'
Keep on poppin' that shit, we glad you hatin' 
Recognize the name, we not new to the game 
Y'all freshmen in this thang, we graduating 

East and, Mid-west Champions 
Amped again so to dance with him, fans tramplin' 
Lampin' in my Knicks hat, blue with the mandarin 
Matchin' my leather with the eMC brand in it 
Easily Murderin' Competition panickin'
Got you scramblin'
Like illegal cable channelin'
Standin' in the presence of perfection, you're examinin' 
Stop all the guessin' to your questions, here the answer is 

eMC, What it stand for? [x4]
e.M.C. (Stands for somethin')
e.M.C. (What it stand for?)
e.M.C. (Know what I mean?) - Rakim

[Verse Three] [Wordsworth]
Extravagant Music Clique
Don't matter who we pick or choose to spit 
Cause we Master the Words on this music tip 
Keep the Punchlines tight cause the rules are Strict 

[Masta Ace]
Yeah, Everyone Must Contribute, no laxin' 
Easy Money Comes
One fourth the fraction 
We be the faction, just read the caption 
Then once it's read man/Redman, +Time 4 Sum Aksion+ 

What it stand for? 

Each Man Can claim another victory 
Why don't you play the fifth dawg
Cause you ain't got shit to say 
Your neck's sore from bobbin'? 
Blame Nicolay
I'm something like a pimp
Cause I stay with something slick to say 

Eccentric Music Celebrities 
Murder the track, pour beer in its memory 
Experience Musical Change
Care less about the fame
We the best in the game

eMC, What it stand for? [x4]
e.M.C. (Stands for somethin')
e.M.C. (What it stand for?)
e.M.C. (Know what I mean?) - Rakim