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Artist: Emanon
Album:  The Waiting Room
Song:   Six Million Ways
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Just a kid only 13 with somethin'
Havin' acceptance in this world is too much
The changes, the pain is fun for some
It's too much gold, regressed with some shit
The struggle ...
Three years in my hand for the juggle
Time to break away and pop out the bubble
Trouble in the form of family life it cuts like a knife
band aids was drugs and sluts
19 and now it seems like its too much
and the glue stuck the fucks that I don't have and it sucks
I've been taught to measure my life by the bill
Broken drug addict and my life's just steel
Frustrated to the point when I might just kill myself
Tonights the night, fuck might I will!
In the form of pill, too bloody with the gun
cause there's six million ways to die ... choose one

Choose one, Choose one
The mystery of death so we all gotta die

I haven't had a girlfriend in a long time
Now I do and everything is real fine
Like this girl who I claimed was all mine
And she was from head to toe to behind

We was in love
She was my dove
I wasn't dumb
Everytime I thought until I seen some shit that made me think I need a gun
but I just really need to run
A silly dumb plus bum choked up my chest nahh
Oh shit, DUMB! Girl plus dude that she fucked just for fun
FUCK FUCK FUCK silly bitches on the run
cause there's six million ways to die ... choose one.

Choose one, Choose one
The mystery of death is that we all gotta die, but BEFORE I GO!

I knew this dude who was dope on the mix
Who analized how the legends used dope for a fix
He bugged, on the drugs by the mic givin him pricks
Said, Don't do it just, Hit this shit
It's already a hit, don't trip
He took a trip with some heads so now he's used to it
Shot it up in his wrists, now he's hooked to it
Sat up one night and wrote a whole song book to it
I came over later to look through it
Look and found needles and spoons
And as I read left and right I took his shit
Stood him up, threw him down, Now get off that shit!
He just stared at me dumb with a tear in his eye then took off to run
I'ma quit just one more fix then I'm done!
Cause there's six million ways to die ... Choose one

Choose one, Choose one, Choose one, Choose one
The mystery ... It's DEATH! So we all, we all gotta die!