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Artist: Emanon
Album:  The Waiting Room
Song:   A Story
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It's a story
About how we Cape up on the
Style we got... Style we got fresh
Nothing less 1995 when I started to rhyme
DJ Exile on the beats Aloe Blacc the man
With lyrics to preach Drop the stretch marx
Yo off the fence Hit 96
With dream sequence Get props due
Bringing it through if you want to step up
Bow down to my crew Oh yeah thet's right
PSI Outside looking in
That's how we be, how we begin
To get spins On the radio out doing the shows
To let y'all knowthat we goe the flows
1998 time to drop acid 9
About then it's compilation Drop another single 2001
That was sometime with detour Damn I'm thinking back
Yes and it was fat What you live for
That EP and ya don't stop
Took us to the top It's a story'bout how we came up