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Artist: Emanny f/ Jadakiss
Album:  Road to the Highlife (Mixtape)
Song:   Time Is Up
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

We too grown for the childish games
Just think baby we can do the wildest things
Like it was meant to be
Our styles is mean
So you should just give me the go ahead
To light the flame
I'm gone spark it
But you gotta be willing to chalk it
I'm taking you off the market
So put some signs up
Switch ya line up
Make ya mind up
Ready times up

[Verse 1]
He made you promises
I knew he never keep
And now your wondering
How could this happen to me
With me you have a home
It's time that you move on
You should let go
Girl you should let go
Bad excuse for a man
He can't do what I can
You needed love
Well baby just come and take my hand
I'll be ya getaway
From all the stress he gave
You can't go wrong
Girl if you just be with me

His time is up
He had ya love
But guess it wasn't enough
You need someone
That's gonna be what you want
Just let me change the way that it's been
Cause his time is up

[Verse 2]
He don't come home
So your always alone
And when you call he doesn't seem to pick up the phone
Me I'll be by ya side
He just don't realize
Girl what he has
He keeps on treating you like
You ain't special
Girl I bet ya
If you leave him I'll
Treat you better
Happiness you will find
With me ya peace of mind
Girl you can have
Just tell ya man his time is up


With all my might I'm a try to
So let me try you
Might as well cause he ain't doing right by you
You must be deep in denial
And I don't see how he can deny you
Ya'll equally liable
If it was me I would be treating you valuable
Massage ya mind while you sipping a malibu
If you don't try
You'll never know
Build something by letting it grow
Start by letting it go

Let me hold you down
You won't go nowhere baby
Don't need him around
Ain't no need to stay sugar
Just let me change the way that it's been
Cause his time is up